III shows that the steps involved in


Block diagramFig 1: Block diagram for proposed work.                Fig 1. shows that the stepsinvolved in this proposed approach, First step in the proposed system ispreprocessing, Secondly the feature is extracted and finally, the extracted featureis send through Classifier. B. Preprocessing                Pre-processing is a commonname for operations with images at the lowest level of abstraction –both input and output are intensity images. The goal of pre-processing is making to suppresses unwanted distortions or enhancessome image features important for next processing stage.Herethe steps involved in preprocessing are:                                       2(a)                                                                         2(b)     VIDEO                                                                 RGB Frames Fig 2 Converting videos into RGBframes.

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Here 2(a) shows the video and2(b) shows the RGB frames, Thus the fig 2, shows that the step1 inpreprocessing.                                                         3(a)                                                    3(b)             RGB Frames                                       GRAYFrames Fig3 Converting RGB frames into gray frames. Here 3(a) showsthe RGB frames and       3(b) shows theGRAY  frames, Thus the fig 3 shows thatthe step2 in preprocessing.                               4(a)                                             4(b) GRAY Frames                                    Boundingbox         Fig4 Converting Gray frame into Bounding box frame Here 4(a) shows the GRAY frameand 4(b) shows the Bounding box frame, Thus the fig 4 shows that the step3 inpreprocessing.


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