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If we don’t solve the problem of the European Rabbit then they will eat all of the grass that other animals also eat.  Many of the native animals will die off from starvation because the rabbits outcompeted them for food, killing the herbivores of starvation, eventually killing the carnivores because there will not be any more herbivores to eat.  To help prevent further spread we find out where the highest population of the rabbits are and release Red-Tail Foxes into this area to clear out the rabbits, putting trackers on them so that they don’t kill anything else.  We continue doing this until the rabbits are extinct in Australia, than bring back the foxes to wherever they came from to stop them from killing anything else.  Nothing is being done in other biomes to stop the rabbits.

 The rabbits are invasive species in all continents in the world, minus Australia, and nothing is being done about them.  Some short term effects of the rabbits are a slight decrease in food. The rabbits will eat all of the plants and then the animals will die of starvation, resulting in less food for us humans, resulting in some starvation.  Some long term effects are the vegetation will all die out, killing more animals and resulting in even less food.  We need to stop this or else a lot of people and animals alike will die.  The brumbies are also a problem too. They also eat the grasses than many other animals eat, killing even more animals then the rabbits do.  One solution is to throw knockout gas into the largest populations of brumbies, then, when they are asleep, we take them and put them back where they came from.

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 By doing this we do not have to introduce another invasive species to take them out.  In other biomes the brumbies are simply being shot then taken away.  I chose my way because I don’t like killing wildlife and want to take the brumbies away back to where the came from.


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