If head of a brotherhood of assassins in

If I was a Hollywood movie producer, and I was remaking the video for the 21st century audience I would use, Morgan Freeman he is one of the best Actors out there for a Scene like this. What makes him such a good actor for this in my opinion is his ability to play any role and change his tone of voice and how he acts on the spot. For instance, He can go from playing the role of God with quiet authority and kindness to head of a brotherhood of assassins in “Wanted”. Also, he has a very Calming voice which makes it better for the Scene. All in all, he is an astonishing speaker and I could compare him with this demonstration of William Shakespeare’s scene. I would set it in a house. Beginning with the 1st stage where a baby is cradled in his mother’s arms while she is singing the baby a lullaby. Next the 2nd stage where a little boy is unwillingly riding the bus to school.

The 3rd stage a teenage boy going to prom with his high school lover. The 4th stage leaving his house and going into the military for basic training. The 5th stage an older adult now around 40 years old that has kids and a fine family all sitting together at the dinner table, for a family reunion meal. The 6th stage I picture him sitting in a dark room laying in bed in the harsh winter months by the fire place watching the little bit of life he has go by.

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The 7th stage a time of sorrow for his family….


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