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If health and safety, risk management or procedures and practices are not being adhered to or complied with then action needs to be taken immediately.

Risk assessments for residents are the responsibility of the residents keyworker and the staff that work with that resident. It is the keyworkers responsibility to ensure that the risk assessments are updated every 3 months or earlier if there are any changes. The risk assessments are then audited by the senior of the unit to ensure that they are factual and correct. Risk assessments for the building are put in place by management, maintenance team and our fire warden. They are regularly reviewed and updated when needed. All staff within the building have a responsibility to report any health and safety concerns that they find.

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When a health and safety issue is found it is the duty managers job to report this via our computer system to the maintenance team. If it is urgent the duty manager will phone the maintenance team and ask them to urgently deal with the issue. Once the job has been reported we are provided with a reference number and this is written along with the issue into our maintenance folder in our main reception. A member of the maintenance team will access the issue and ensure that the correct steps are taken to minimise any further risk and fix the problem.


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