Identify They use their experience clinically and practically

Identify and define three nursing concepts from the list below and discuss why they are important for effective patient care.
Nursing have various theories that essential for patient care. Nurses goals to accomplish the best quality care for the patient. They use their experience clinically and practically to do their professions efficiently. Due to the impact of cultural difference and religious backgrounds can vary delivered of care, however applying the evidence-based practice can uphold the care for the people. Caring, cultural safety and evidence based practice are significant for patient care because they are fundamental for the appropriate approach to lead to patient satisfaction. This essay discovers the essential of caring, cultural safety and evidence-based practice to patient care. It defines first the patient care and how special about it then how it related to the context of nursing.

Fix, et al (2018) describe patient care as “a person and need to understand patients’ illness experiences within the patients’ unique lifeworld”.
“Caring in nursing practice is a core concept because it concerns a fundamental aspect of nursing”. (Brykczy?ska, 1997). Nurse must help the patient with kind-hearted and honest feeling without pressure from others.CITATION Lan14 l 5129 (Landers, Weathers, McCarthy, & Fitzpatrick, 2014) In nursing context without caring, nursing would not do their responsibilities disingenuous and non-efficacious of what is it and their task would fault. Caring can build a therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient also a foundation to achieve adequate patient care. According to CITATION Mor90 l 5129 (Morse, Solberg, Neander, Bottorff, & Johnson, 1990) caring deed can be fact such as critical thinker, adaptability, always have attention to detail and “being there” (p.6). A nurse must include all nurses’ intervention so that it can modify them to solve patient needs. Awareness and experience of a nursing procedure is a cornerstone of caring achievement and the agreement between nursing action and patient condition.

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The Nursing Council of New Zealand (2011) claimed that cultural safety is “the effective nursing of a person/ family from another culture by a nurse who was undertaken a process of reflection on own cultural identity and recognises the impact of the nurses’ culture on own nursing practice” (p.7). Culture involve different ethnic, religious background a share value or belief of a particular group.


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