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Almost every child will have rebellion during their growing process. Some of them will behave, quite different from parent’s expectation. They often argue with their parents, easily get angry, do not do what their parents tell them to do, and even do some dangerous activities like drinking or having drugs. Knowing the important cause and potential effects of adolescent rebellion is very necessary. The most important cause of adolescent rebellion is parent’s unconscious control. Usually, parents always let children obey what they think their teenagers should do, instead of listen to their children.

Rebellion can cause young people to rebel against their own self- interest, rejecting childhood interest, activities, and relationships that often support self-esteem. It can cause them to engage in self -defeating and self-destructive behaviour refusing to do school work or even physically hurting themselves. It can cause them to experiment with high-risk excitement –accepting dares that as a children they would have refused. It can cause them to reject safe rules and restraints-letting impulse overrule judgment to dangerous effect. And it can cause them to injure valued relationship-pushing against those they care about and pushing them away. So adolescent rebellion is not simply a matter of parental aggravation. It is also a matter of concern.

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Although the young person think rebellion is an act of independence, It’s actually never is. It is really an act of dependency. Rebellion causes the young person to defend self-definition and personal conduct on doing the opposite of what other people want.


Adolescent rebellion is a complex phenomenon of adolescent studied by developmental psychology, with many historical interpretations from religion and philosophy. It generally manifests itself as conflict during a critical period of human development in which humans because autonomous, and commit to an identity, or sense of self


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