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I would help Jamie and the entire SHP organization by telling Jamie to make another meeting with Rita and to ask her nicely. I would say to make a weekly meeting where workers are able and encourage to voice any concerns to HR department. Would tell Jamie to work with Rita to reconstruct the CEO’s message board to and to hold any bullying accountable for a corrective action. I would tell Jamie to make efforts to at least tweak the corporate image of the brand and to work and support one another throughout the process. They should make a bi weekly meeting that all employees must attend to voice any concerns across all department in order to discuss matters in person which would improve the relationships and then increase company morale little by little with mutual respect with all departments.

Since everyone will be working on the same page and help communication between all level of hierarchy from subordinates to middle management to the executive office, implementation of these bi weekly meetings they will all also be able to give their own ideas on the refinement of the constant evolution of the brand to accommodate all parties which will reestablish trust with the human resource department. The bi weekly meetings will take place in an area of the facility that can hold most of the employees or split between two groups to accommodate schedules conflicts and to keep the business running. The meetings will encourage everyone to participate on every subject matter. The CEO would evaluate all input to generate methods of increasing company morale make everyone happier. The company will have monthly questionnaires to see how happy the employees are throughout the year this will translate into a more successful happy business for both consumers, employees and all of the corporate office including the CEO.

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The result should have more happy employees love and stay at their work and even want to work on being promoted in the same SHP company.


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