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I will open self-awareness by saying that when you see the core values of an individual, you are effectively viewing his or her identity, and you are almost getting a window into his or her soul.

My belief is that In essence the client knowing his or her core values becomes conscious and then self-aware of their inner self beliefs initiating change to become congruent and in alignment with their values. Learning to be self-aware, values are crucially important because they drive you from the moment you get out of bed in the morning to the moment you fall back to sleep in the evening. They should, if you are to make good ones, underpin all your major decisions, and a lot of your minor ones.Not knowing what your own values are can be problematical at best, and crippling at worst, leading to a certain uneasiness, procrastination, unhappiness, and even anxiety.

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I couldn’t coach effectively without understanding my clients’ values. As coaches, it is our job to step onto the clients’ maps of the world and not ask them to meet us in the middle.


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