I using. But this small thing could

I was very calm and peaceful person.

I felt I was a ray of sunshine for anybody who was around me. I hated the people who like to captious me . but I stayed in the hostel so that would happen very often . one thing that always made a problem was my toilet. Actually the toilet was for me and the girl next to my room. Inside the toilet , there would be two door , one connected to her room and another room. Whenever I went inside the toilet, I would need to lock and unlock her door after using.

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But this small thing could also made a big problem. One day , It was a very quiet night and I was studying and preparing for the test for next week. I study patiently by nobody disturbing. And I noticed that I still in the casual clothe instead of pajamas.

After sometimes I had to go to the toilet for take a shower. But suddently I heard loud sound from the room near by. The girl next to my room was knocking the toilet’s door so loudly. I was thinking should opened the for her and if I was opened she would be keeping knocking the door continuously. I decided to unlock her door and asked her what happened why she knocked the door so loud.

While I unlock the door , she push the door the opened and push me at the corner. My face became extremely red but she still behaved nonchalantly. And she was act very happy using the toilet while I was there inside.

I decided to open all the door to make embarrassed . After she saw my action and my face, she started shouting at me in her own language . but I was not feel angry anymore because I calm down myself . I told in very kind way that what she had done I would forget about it , but what she did was called no manner.

After I finished talking with her I cam back to my bedroom and she still stand in the same spot as if she was feezing like a stone after she heard my word. After that day she came and appologised to me. I thought she might noticed that what kind of person I was.


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