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    I know for a fact that I can contribute greatly to the community of Florida A&M University, I understand how important hospitality and the acceptance of all is, so I would just need to be myself. The university’s main objective is to drive students from all walks of life to perform at prime level and pursue greater heights, not only in academics but also when it comes to helping and giving back to the community. My top aspiration is that I will be given the opportunity to contribute to this university, in helping to uphold the reputation of the university and the prestige it deserves.

  I possess multiple qualities that would blend into the universities atmosphere. Individuality and positivity is something that everyone doesn’t possess. I’m always thinking of news ways to stand out and be different and believe anything is possible with faith in yourself and God. I love to put people in a good mood and by doing so I spread a wave of positivity everywhere I go.

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The greatest contribution I can give to the FAMU community is cultural diversity and participating within the environment to enhance it.  I am a very diligent, black young lady who would be an example on campus on how to work and achieve one’s goals, while embracing others’ differences. FAMU is well known for preserving the historical heritage of African Americans and welcoming all students into a community that everybody can be comfortable and be a success. From the day I was born, my family’s surroundings has impacted me, from how I interact with others to my abilities. When people meet my family, they instantly understand why I am the way I am: appearance, sense of humor, and my personality.

My family environment influenced my personality by providing me with the confidence to succeed in a challenging environment. Personally, my family’s history involves FAMU and is one of the main reasons I plan to attend. Multiple relatives have and continue to receive education from this university and I would like to be a part of the tradition.

From their eye-opening history, my parents have installed their work ethic into me as they taught me to never take anything for granted and to seize every possible opportunity to better and challenge myself.  Whether in the class room striving to achieve the best grades possible, on the practice field practicing to preform my best, or in the music room perfecting a difficult violin technique, I always put 110% of myself into everything to obtain my highest potential. My family were the ones who profoundly taught me about my history and explained how important it is.

My knowledge of it  has influenced me to be the mature young lady I have flourished to be and am still becoming. Being an African American, female has not only framed me into the person I am coming to be, but also teaching me to grow with high values. Knowing who you are mentally and spiritually is the only way to really know yourself.


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