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I talked once about the Facebook scandal and its unethical ways to collect personal data and that we cannot do anything about it, but this changes today may 25 as a new EU law is being implemented it called GDPR which stand for general Data Protection Regulation it will effect European union companies directly, but it will also effect any company that have customers and operations there and since most big corporations serve in a global scale they will have to comply with this EU new law companies like amazon, google, Netflix, Facebook …Etc, this will have huge impact to many technology and social network companies if they didn’t comply.
Basically the new law prevent companies from the use of confusing statement to make you agree and collect your data unless they have a lawful basis, they also cannot bundle consent like most companies used to do, it’s when you have pages of different consents and all you have to do to agree is click on the tiny box that changed now, the law will make sure that you give your consent separately to each condition and that companies has to make it clear and simple for individuals to understand and give consent, it’s also should be easy for you to withdraw this consent anytime you wish, and for companies that collect your data like Facebook now you can ask them to delete your information they already released new privacy tools to comply with GDPR.
This will give us more privacy and control over our data, children under 16 need to opt-in data collection on their behaves by their parent, failing to comply with GDPR will result in a €20 million or 4% of the company’s global annual sales, also if they fail to handle the data correctly and did not report the breaches within 72 hours they will face penalties, the article also stated some of the incident when companies did not play by the European regulation and how they fined Facebook $122 million for misleading officials when it took over the WhatsApp application and it also fined google $2.7 billion antirust fine, many companies are struggling to comply with the new rule and the expenses to comply with it’s just too much for them so they announced that they will retreat from Europe .


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