I didn’t expect the poem to be

I recently finished a poem entitled “A Martian Sends a Postcard Home”.

To be honest, I thought it was a boring poem, but I was wrong. It has a good concept and I didn’t expect the poem to be that good.At first, the title of this poem was kind of tricky for me because it made me think that it was about an actual Martian, knowing Martian is relating to the planet Mars or its supposed inhabitants. It took me a while to figure out that he was talking about, and those are the things that happen in everyday life in Earth. Raine uses several riddles in this poem to show what the Martian sees when he comes to earth. He does a very good job in doing this.

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For example, the first stanza of the poem is talking about a book. For example, Caxton. It was the first English printer of books. Mechanical birds with wings refers to the pages in a book. By saying they are treasured for their markings means that if a person enjoys reading a book they will treasure it. In the ninth stanza the author did a great job of describing a watch or clock. “Ticking with impatience” is right of the button.

That is all a watch and clock do is tick for twenty four hours a day.Stanza ten, eleven, and twelve are on the subject of a telephone. All the phone is what Raine writes in this poem. It does not do anything until you pick it up and that is what Raine is saying. The cries of the ghost is when it rings.

Then you “talk to it”, or answer it and when you are finished “put it back to sleep” or hang it up. Yes, we do “deliberately wake it and tickle it with a finger” when we answer it or call someone else.A “punishment room with just water” is a bathroom. When Raine writes “only the young are allowed to suffer openly” he is talking about a baby getting their diapers changed in the open. Yet adults have to go to the bathroom and suffer their pain alone. Raine had exceptional use of metaphors to describe the bathroom.The last two stanzas were about sleeping and dreaming.

“When the colours die” is when we go to bed. “Reading about ourselves with our eyelids shut” is basically saying we are dreaming of ourselves. Raine put this at a good spot in the poem because the end of the poem symbolizes the end of the day.”A Martian Sends a Postcard Home” illustrates the confusion and comic absurdity that occurs when a foreigner attempts to explain a new place to his own people. The use of language is original and vivid.

The words weren’t that deep and they were easy to understand. It is indeed a great poem. The poem is interesting to read because it requires the reader to use their imagination, it’s somewhat of a brainteaser.


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