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I picked all the points I did because it is critical to identify and pointed the ethical issues that are happening within the company or in any other companies. I feel that we can identify them and analyses these behaviors that are happing we will have a better chance of coming up with ways that will help stop and to prevent them. Our new employees may not know what ethical behaviors are or why having ethical code of conduct behavior are important at work environment is to be professional.

Also, being a leader or manager, and even supervisors they should able to demonstrate the ethical behaviors that are expected from them, for example being able to conduct themselves accordingly and fair and being able to accept the principles of doing right and what is wrong and having the ability to make the right choices. Being honest is big one to me because if you’re not being honest how can you be trusted to do the right thing, how can the business give you more responsibility if you cant be trusted to do the right thing, its really easy to lose trust in someone, for example would be taking all the credit for presentation that you did in a group, this will cause your co-works not to trust you or even work with you in group. I think at the end you’re just cheating yourself from your own growth and potential that you have from growing with in the organization and as an individual. Dishonestly can also cause the company to get a bad reputation.

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Respectful, discrimination, and Harassment against anyone I feel like these two points are important that plays a big role with the code of conduct. Everyone should be treaded with respect and everyone has the right to feel comfortable at work, and not feeling like you’re getting picked on or made fun of due to your nationality, sex, religious, or sexuality orientation. Another reason why I choice these three points because I’ve seen people get discriminated against them, one reason is because they may have a crime background, and I honestly think that’s wrong because they have paid their dues, and no one or majority of employers don’t want to offer them any opportunity to desaturate that they have changed and I think this alone will cause them to back to there bad ways. Everyone should get a second chance, everyone should be offered the opportunist to grow and walk around feeling comfortable and free to be how you are and being able to embrace who you are as a person and not feel like your less than anyone else. Drug use at work place shouldn’t be allowed because it can cause injures at the work place and it can even cause problems with other co-workers or customers. There are ways employers can check if there employees are taking drugs. Here are some ways they can check1.

Doing randomly drug test 2. Before offering employment, they should be able to pass the drug test. Code of conduct Disciplinary ActionIs that the company has a disciplinary action when the employee has broken one of the company’s policies and or regulation.

I think this plays a big role because if the employer is ignoring the fact the employee is breaking the code of conduct and there’s not disciplinary action taking place I think this will cause other employees to do the same thing and not follow the code of conduct because there is no disciplinary action. So this has to be done to make sure everyone is following the code of conduct. This is and will be great procedure to ensure organizations and to establish the proper disciplinary procedure and this will help with decision making. When is disciplinary action need.

It can start with losing points and lets say you lose 4 points you get a verbal 9 points written up, 16 2 write up and 20 3 day supination and 26 you would be termed, this sounds fair because they are offering enough chance for the employee to reflect and changes there ways. 1. Absenteeism- is when an employee doesn’t report to work. The company should have a absentee policy for explain you can use vacation days, you have to call in 3 hours before your shift starts. 2.

Poor time keeping- Coming into work late, leaving work early, taking longer breaks and or lunch breaks, doing personal things on office hours or work hours and wasting time when you can be doing something productive.3. Appearances- Breaking the dress code and having bad hygiene.4.

Substance abuse- could be anything like alcohol and drug abuse because this can lower concentrating and this will most like decrease performance at work and cause accident.5. Poor attitudes- sleeping on work hours, careless, fighting with other co-works.

Insulting coworkers, being rude, this show poor attitudes and affect other employees and the company.


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