I had a single white rose behind

I once knew a girl who wore garments as peculiar as herself. She covered herself only with gypsy style drapes and had a single white rose behind her delicate ear. She rode into town on a grey pony, which had gone out of fashion so many years ago. Gently placed across her neck was a single chain, made of many delicates. Gold, silver, diamond, aquamarine, you could name anything it would be on that necklace. But that was not the strangest thing about her. When you looked into her eyes you saw swirls of dark, dark blue that was too beautiful for words. Hours you would stand, staring into her mystical eyes, enchanted by the beauty within them. Everyone idolized her. The men would give her jewels, gold and money, trying to win her heart over. While the lady’s would try to charm her with their cooking, embroidery ,and delicacies, all just to get her to come to their evening tea. All was well, adequate, superb even. Nevertheless, celebration never lasts. On the 7th of march, everyone gathered at the square in celebration, for it had been exactly a year since she appeared on her grey pony. There was singing, dancing and feasts all throughout the night. But she knew she couldn’t stay, she never did. All night she tried to escape, but kept getting grasped and pulled back into the mayhem. Time was running out. The clock was drawing nearer to 12:00. Suddenly she screamed, as the Clock was just a few ticks away from twelve. “No, no! My plan has always worked!” All faces turned forwards there adored lady. Right before their eyes they saw her grow pale. All was silent as the beautiful woman slowly started to wrinkle. It started in her face and made its way all the way down to her toes. All the beauty was sucked from her like a glass of lemonade that was slowly, slowly sucked away by a straw. All that gathered in the square could not believe there eyes as the once beautiful woman was now ash. A gentle wind picked up that felt slightly unnatural. The wind suddenly picked up as the ash a blew away in a mass, over the trees and into the sky. From that day on everyone vowed not to mention the strange lady ever again. Decades passed and the woman lost her place in everyone’s minds. Until today, March 7th. The day that she rode into town on her grey pony. And the day she disappeared.


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