I myself. Me: That is very interesting, what

I interviewed Mr. Josh A. Brian, owner and President of Brian Signs on the Southside of Jacksonville, Fl. His number is (101)555-4585.

Me: Mr. Brian, I would like to thank you for your time and would like to say that this will help my understanding of businesses. So, what inspired you to start a business?

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Mr. Brian: Well, first of all it is a good question and it has an amazing story behind, I was previously running a family business called Brian Alarm and I had extra supplies like small signs, it helped me to form and gather an idea of starting my own business and I decided to open a sign business myself.

Me: That is very interesting, what exactly are the goods your company offers?

Mr. Brian: Major products we offer are signs, decals, and banners.

Me: And how do you organize your business?

Mr. Brian: My company is a Limited Liability Company.

Me: Great, could you tell me what the advantages are to the way you organize your business?

Mr. Brian: Well, the nature of my business is really flexible and there isn’t a set way or process I have to do things. This is the best part of my business I personally like, having flexibility and freedom in what you love doing is the first step towards success.

Me: Wow, I’d love flexibility, are there any disadvantages?

Mr. Brian: Not many disadvantages but there are some physical responsibilities I have to take care of such as I have to do the taxes and provide the health care for the employees. But this is not a big deal or hurdle for me and I personally don’t take it as an disadvantage.

Me: Would you ever seek to sell stock in your company? Why or why not?

Mr. Brian: No, since my company is LLC and it is very small in size, I wouldn’t, unless my business was in a high-tech field. Either that or having an excess of 3000 employees.

Me: Well Mr. Brian, what would you say was the greatest challenge in starting your company?

Mr. Brian: I have had faced number of challenges throughout my journey, first of all it wasn’t easy for me to even think about the business as I was involved in running a family owned business, but since I had enough experience in this field, I decided to go for it anyways, second challenge gor me was finding the right spot of location and making that correlate with my target market.

Me: Ok, last question. What advice would you give a young person who wants to start his or her own company?

Mr. Brian: Oh, that’s an easy one. I would say “Just go for it”. You know what that means?

Me: No, could you explain it to me?

Mr. Brian: It means go for your dreams but first, get enough education that is your parachute so if you land up falling you have a safe way of landing.

Me: Thank you so much Mr. Brian for your time, it was really a pleasure talking to you, thank you again for your time!

Mr. Brian: Pleasure is all mine, I hope you learned something from me. All the best for future!

Full name: Mr. Josh A. Brian
Job title: Owner – President
Contact information: (101)555-4585

It was a nice experience interviewing Mr. Josh A. Brian, I learned a lot form him such as, at first it is always hard to take the first step. And to me, the first step is generating an idea, if I love doing something and I want to convert it into business, I will have to think and brainstorm to make that idea feasible.
As Mr. Brian mentioned he was firstly involved in a family owned business and he had enough experience about the mechanics of the business, in my case this is different. I have never been involved in running any kind of business before.
If I were to start a business, it would be selling products online through different famous websites such as amazon. I really think that this is the best thing I can do. Although it requires me to invest some fair amount to start. I want to start this business because this is the era of technology and people do not often like to physically go to some shop or store to buy a single product. They prefer to order that product online and receive it at their doorstep in no time. This is going to be very profitable for me as I already am into technology stuff, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to learn and adopt the techniques behind this business.


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