I undergraduate student in our department and his

Iam pleased to recommend Mr.

Anish Pradhan for the NTU-India Connect ResearchInternship. He is currently a 4th year undergraduate student in ourdepartment and his undergraduate curriculum is expected to end in 2018. I havetutored him in the Analog Communications and Computer Architecture andOrganisation course for two semesters and I am also his final year projectguide. Anish distinguished himself by submitting an exceptionally wellresearched and interesting project related to the device to device communicationsin LTE (Long Term Evolution) environment. Over two years’ acquaintance with himhas given me a scope of understanding his abilities and true potential. He hasbeen a diligent student throughout and his performance in the lab iscommendable.

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His passion for delving deeper into any topic that interests himand the quality of applying the newly learnt techniques in his work effectively,keeps him a step ahead of his peers. His overall intelligence is also reflectedin his grades, which is by far the best in the class.Hehas exhibited his researchbent mindset in the scheduled practical classes with thoroughobservation skills. He has also completed training at BSNL Kolkata, India, inthe earlier years of his study and did a summer internship in IISc (IndianInstitute of Science), Bangalore in the last summer.

Due to his exceptionallyhigh grades in academics, he was also selected to represent India in Japan fora telecommunication themed short exchange programme.Ata personal level, Anish is a well-disciplined, industrious student with apleasant personality.  Gifted with aninnovative and analytical bent of mind, combined with patience to handle everysmall detail of a problem with undeterred enthusiasm, I believe he possessesall the qualities to become a promising researcher and would be an extremelypositive asset for this internship programme.IfI can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any furtherinformation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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