I may find the path to success. Nothing

I have read many great books, but we have to admit that some great books have the power to make us better people. A good example of one of these books is Around the World in Eighty Days. This is a fiction story by the French writer Jules Verne.

Phileas Fogg is an extremely wealthy Englishman, with no idea about where the money came from. His French servant, Jean Passepartout has been recently hired, and hardly sees Mr Fogg in the house. Mr Fogg attempts to prove that one can travel the world in eighty days and therefore has a former bet with his fellow club members. During their journey around the world, they faced many challenges and difficulties. Besides the interesting story, this book has taught me many things when facing difficulties in life.

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First of all, of the many things I learnt from this book, is overcoming difficulties and never giving up. Travelling around the world in eighty days is intangible for many people, but Mr Fogg made it successful because he decided to not give up. I have learnt that throughout the life we face a lot of difficulties but if we try to overcome then we may find the path to success. Nothing in life is easy, which is why you need to keep on persevering.


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