I always ask what they would do without

I have accomplished many things in my life but in this essay I will be speaking on a few of them. My family would always tell me how proud they are of me and all I’ve accomplished in my life at such a young age. In my family, I was known to most as the “responsible one”, or the “smart one” out of all my friends.

With most of my friends, I was the one to remind my friends about tests or reports that are due, and they always ask what they would do without me.Most of my life, I have always had an interest in movies and acting. My first couple years high school, and throughout most middle school, I participated in drama and advanced drama to explore my interests in acting. I wrote most of my own monologs and preformed them in front of the class, I listened to praise and criticism but eventually I learned how to write an excellent monolog. I always had a little bit of stage fright but in my last year I performed in our schools main stage performance it was something I had not done before and until this day it is something that I will never forget. My 6th grade year I moved back to Bolivar and it has been one of the greatest challenges I’ve have had to face in my life. It was hard leaving all my family and close friends I had been close to all through my childhood life. I am here to tell you that the one thing that really helped me in the transition was the new friends I made.

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Rather they know it or not, they brought me right in under their wing, by playing out with me at school and inviting me over to their houses. I am stating this because this was a difficult time in my life but as we all do, I learned I can make friends and be successful anywhere.?I have been a singing group at school ever sense I was in 7th grade, and I was glad I made it up to the upper level choir, which is pretty much the highest choir you can join. We went many places to compete and have won many awards. My third year of high school was like no other, I did volunteer work, which was very rewarding, at an assisted living facility where I called bingo, I did that for about three months. I really did try to continue to do what I loved to do but after I got my first job but the two couldn’t work around each other’s schedules.

When I got my first job which was when I turned 17 and I got hired the same day as I turned in my application. I have now worked at Walmart for almost a year and a half, and I am now studying to be a crew leader, which is right under a manager position. I have been able to stay at Wendy’s because they work around my busy schedule. Now I know everyone and it seems so well that they are all like family. My grandmother is my role model because she has accomplished so much and been through so much in her life. She is a very beautiful person, but at times she is very stubborn in what she believes and wants. It almost seemed very impossible to get her to change her mind at times. She is always telling me and my siblings how proud she is of us and has pretty high expectations of me.

My mom to me is also my role model because she had a rough childhood and after she started a family she went back to college she is still attending college now; she gives me motivation to never give up and reminds me of how bad it could have been. My sophomore football season I was moved into the varsity quarterback spot due to my teammate’s injury. I had to learn and taught myself how to be a leader. I showed me and my teammates my desire to win and my reliability earning myself the most improved player award which was voted by the team. By my senior season I earned team captain.

I also would lead my team to a league title and I was voted Offensive Most Valuable Player by my teammates and by league coaches due to my ability to bring my teammates together. In my senior year of high school I did a school program called “Mission Possible”. We practiced for about five months. We did fashion shows to raise money. We competed in many fun events such as talent shows, fitness, and academics.

This gave me the chance to explore myself and make new friends; it also helped build my self-esteem.I have been involved in many hours helping clean the streets and sidewalks of Hardeman County, doing my part to make the community a better place to live. The main project of my high school career was helping improve and maintain the city park for the all children. They had just got a brand new field but still needed sod to be laid on top. So, as being the great man I am, I volunteered my time and helped laid sod so their field could be complete.

The city park needed an outdoor amphitheater which I also helped build by crating the roof and the stage. To conclude this essay, I would like to state that I am proud of my accomplishment and plan on adding to them.


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