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I have a dream to study abroad since in junior high school. Being a student in developing country, especially in Aceh with not so advanced education system, I have to going abroad for progressing my studies.

I believe that Turkey with modernity, education, culture, and good-environment is the most ideal country to study. Live in multiculture environment would like to shape me to be an open minded person, also more tolerance with many uniqnese in this world. Turkey has high stadart of education, also degrees that granted by Turkish Universities are recognized around the world. By study in turkye i would like to have a good relation with International people. Having Studied in public relation and adverstasing in turkey, my future plan is to creat a House Production that focusing on provide content for education perpose, Because in Aceh has a limited content for education.

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I will also work with students that learning in education major to make my content more insighfull, high standar quality,and inspirational for provide source of education content in Aceh.


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