I seen him improve steadily over the years

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for my student, Saisuhas Kodakandla whowishes to pursue graduate studies at your institution. I have known him for more than three yearsas a student of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering and have beenimpressed by his zest for knowledge.I taught him in the courses “Object Oriented Programming through Java” and “ShellProgramming and Scripting Languages” and found him to be a gifted student. He had a quickgrasp of the material and took part actively in classroom discussions. He went beyond therequired coursework to enrich himself.

I have seen him improve steadily over the years as astudent, always striving to excel. He is always eager to learn and correct himself; he acceptsauthority and is, above all, humble.He is a very responsible and diligent student, with sufficient motivation to excel in his chosenfield. He has a keen urge to understand practical engineering concepts beyond the theoretical,reflecting his potential for research.

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Besides academics, he has an avid interest in public serviceand environmental concerns. In addition to his coursework, Saisuhas also dedicated some of histime volunteering at National Service Scheme. He felt volunteering was an important leadershiprole, in which he learned management and leadership qualities. The skills acquired throughvolunteering will be beneficial to all of Saisuhas’s future endeavors. He has the ability to manageand organize his time and schedule around different activities without having them interfere withcollege. His good general knowledge and analytical skills are noteworthy.

He can expresshimself fluently in English and communicates very well with people.I strongly believe that he will make a name for himself in your institution, and I stronglyrecommend him for the graduate program with financial assistance and wish him all the best inhis future endeavors.


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