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I had a great opportunity of visiting the Child Development Center at WNCC on October 2, I wanted to learn more about the children and the things that make up the classroom environment. As soon as I walked into the development center, and after going to the classroom; bright colors, pictures, flags, flowers and other things that were made by the kids for the Halloween were so inspiring me. Group of 2’s, which means toddler group has 10 children in the group and two teachers, so that will include 1 teacher per 5 children. I decided to go there because my daughter used to go there when she was younger, and we loved it over there. As soon as I stepped in the classroom to ask the permission and observe children, the teachers met me with a huge smile on their face and introduced themselves.

I had to introduce myself as well and tell them that I am student at WNCC and taking early childhood education. I came to observe the classroom for an hour because it is a part of my research paper. I also told them that I have an interest and I wanted to see if I can spend an hour in their classroom to observe those children. I noticed the laugh between those children, when they were playing by creating learning atmosphere. Of course, that I would love to have the same type of safe and positive leaning environment, as this classroom had. The time was after lunch, I would say around 1pm and that is when after everyone has ate, one teacher had to clean, sanitize the tables, put down sleeping mats and another one was watching children. It was very nice to see how teacher told everybody to sit on the rug and read the books, teacher gave everyone a book to read, some children had toys in their hands to play with.

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While she was taking each person at the time to the potty, I saw how children were focused on what they were doing, reading and playing with the toys. I saw very strong abilities on how those children listen, behave and respect to those teachers. It was so nice to sit and watch them. I also noticed that one of the children saw another female child reading the book and he also wanted to read that book with some car pictures, the little girl being so confidential shared that book with the little boy and two of them ended up reading that book together. This observation made me to know more about the child’s interests, how they think and what they learn and do in the classroom.

I was able to assess some of the developmental levels and what strategies were used to achieve those goals of those children. I think it is very important to take as the consideration the strengths of this observation as a technique. After the observation I realized and came to the conclusion that I have learned a lot about those children skills and their personalities that they need.

It was a very good time to see them growing and learning all kinds of different things.


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