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I found the dark humor in the personification of the hats “Their hats they swam aboone” (line 32) shows us a view that is not at all sympathetic toward the drowning victims, and when joined with the idea “the played were played” (line 31) suggests the situation to becomes certain signification of a mockery or satirical action by the higher classes. Ballad of this time were typically containing a strong regional dialect or accent as they were originally orally transmitted. In this specific ballad the dialect gives us a strong sense of origin and legitimacy toward the text. This dialect can also be used as a device to spotlight sections of the ballad, for example when the poet describes the king drinking blood-red wine or “blude-reid wine” (line 2), this is a strong image and is foreshadowing the disastorous ending. This reflects in the shown idea that the failure of the voyage is the kings error reflecting the error of authority without concern, thus this poem was quite simply ahead of its time due to the fact that during this century it was unheard of to question royalty


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