I situations independently of natural, social or divine

I feel that the public view on all industries are just due to health concerns.

Every industry has a different impact on the society in which they operate. Some of the industries like tobacco are a direct cause of harm to the public health hence not considering all the industries as same are not wrong or unethical. The tobacco producers knew this and for several years, they doctored research to return results that presented tobacco as not being harmful to consumers (Brandt, 2012). I don’t feel that some industries are unfairly targeted by the public.

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Because in today’s world the general public is an important stakeholder in the company’s operations and they are directly affected by their actions. The consumer should have a right to suggest things against the industries that are causing issues to everyone’s public health. It is right that the consumers need to make a choice between the healthy and unhealthy but it is also the ethical duty of the companies as responsible citizens that they produce products which do not cause harm to the public health and safety.According to the encyclopedia Britannica online (2011), “Free Will gives humans the power or capacity to choose among alternatives or to act in certain situations independently of natural, social or divine restraints.I support the Candy industry despite the claims that the high calorie products it supplies are considered unhealthy. The candy is a food product and it is more on the consumers to limit their intake.

Candies cause no harm like alcohol and tobacco to the health until they are over consumed. Candies are relished by many people hence there is nothing unethical in it.In capitalism the market dynamics controls the decision making of the companies. The profit is the only motive for an organization to exist as per capitalism and it is the profit motive which guides the decision making inside the organizations.I think it is possible a company to cater to its own interests along with the interests of the consumers. The companies which cater to the interests of the consumers automatically cater their own interests as this makes their image better in the minds of the consumers.


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