I Dorian Gray” through which I started appreciating

I truly believe that languages, as the pillars of communication, are the most useful and required skills in a world in which international links are becoming more prevalent, therefore I aim to focus my studies on modern languages.With this in mind, I’m currently studying Italian, English, Spanish and French and I have the desire to corroborate the acquaintance of a foreign culture, language in order to ultimately achieve fluency and proficiency.My earliest memory of learning English is embracing my sister’s English schoolbook when I was only 6 and since then the learning of different languages has always fascinated me. I have been deeply intrigued and conquered by their usage to the point where I love to steadily challenge myself when learning a new language.This increasing interest has motivated me to study foreign languages at high school and was further supplemented when I began watching English plays at theatre such as “Hamlet” or ”The picture of Dorian Gray” through which I started appreciating English literature.In 2015 I spent 2 weeks in Broadstairs. This experience gave me a first insight into the English culture; I am thankful to have had the possibility to live in an English college, having lessons, performing a fairy tale in English with my classmates and establishing a very personal connection with the country.I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the English language in order to achieve a greater approach to English literature. What first attracted me to learning French is that I always found it a very elegant language. My 3 years of French study in middle school allowed me to explore aspects of French language including an introduction to the Francophone culture.An interest in French history owing to a group assignment in high school required me to carry out an interesting project looking at the French revolution, its causes and consequences. This involved looking in some depth into what defined French national identity during the war and what made it a period of far-reaching social and political upheaval.Although it is my intention to carry only French and English into a higher level of study my interest is not limited to these two languages, indeed I am attending a Spanish course in order to expand my linguistic capabilities.Beside the study of languages, the rest of my school career has proved to be useful in the development of a valid study method inasmuch as it helped me to acquire useful skills. I see literature as both a cause and an effect of history, therefore my study of this subject has allowed me to wholly appreciate the context of a piece of writing but also made me develop my critical analysis abilities to the point where I can define myself skillful when deconstructing arguments with a great deal of clarity. Moreover, having studied mathematics I achieved the capability to think systematically and logically which skills I consider extremely important for the study of languages.Furthermore I believe that the study of art fosters the comprehension of literary background, as is the case of Blake’s works that allowed me to draw links between his paintings and poetry.I have widened my awareness of different societies due to my interest in foreign films. I deem immersing myself only in my national culture precludes me from opening my mind to the richness of cultural diversity. I have learned that culture is made of far more than language: traditions, literature, thoughts, art and popular culture all play their part. The opportunity to study all these elements appeals to me since it would enable me to learn about them both individually and comparing them.For these reasons, translation appeals to me a great deal and what interests me the most is the mastery of adapting a text to a completely different culture without altering the original content.I regard my work experience highly useful as it boosted my interest in the communicative sector and proved to me the value of language skills when operating abroad.Aside from my academic pursuits I enjoy playing guitar and editing videos: I really love playing the director and creating my own short movies. I also love traveling and intend to use my language skills to allow me to live and work abroad.I aim now to extend my breadth of reading around familiar authors and ones I haven’t ,so far, dealt with.I believe that studying modern languages at university will enable me to develop practical language skills, as well as helping me seeing beyond my own experiences and develop a deep appreciation and understanding of cultures besides my own.


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