I a preventive way to deal illness and

I was born and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas in the remote village of Nepal. I had seen my mother suffering with ill health and visiting the local hospital in search of help. I have felt her pain through my school years which motivated me to persevere to be someone who could help her along with needy population to alleviate pain and sufferings.

Thus, I decided to pursue nutrition education, a preventive way to deal illness and disease. My years of academic and personal molding combined with inquisitive nature, hard work finally paid off when I was selected as scholarship candidate for my bachelor degree in nutrition through competitive entrance exam. After I joined my bachelor’s program in Nutrition and Dietetics, I was instigated to search for integrated approach to become healthy.

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I learned that  proper diet in our daily life along with healthy habits work as powerful weapon against diseases. To understand the zest of my subject was my motif during my college days rather than securing high score by cramming the content.Furthermore, my thirst got more intense and I decided to do my research work in one of the major nutritional problems in Nepal; Iodine deficiency. I went to the hilly area where the natural abundance to the iodine was dearth. My study portrayed lack of awareness and effective program in Nepal. It also provided me an incentive to indulge my future career in the field of public health.

I got an opportunity to do internship in one of the reputed university hospital. This internship became an opportunity for me to work in vicinity with the patients with so many major duties. Observing the patients to overcome the disease and suffering encouraged me even more to equip myself with better knowledge, skills and compassion.

I have realized that dealing with patient  needs not only rich knowledge base, confidence and thoroughness but also good communication skill, empathetic nature and human touch to guide the patients towards better health. I learnt the importance of nutrition in treating patients ranging from chronic to acute and emergency conditions. My efforts were highly appreciated by my supervisor as well as the patients. With my hard work, I finally completed my Bachelor in Nutrition as top five students among 24 competitive classmates. After I completed my bachelor degree I got to involve in one of the NGO that worked for the child nutrition.

when I served an NGO as Nutrition Officer in one of its program providing nutrition to the primary school children of the rural areas of Siraha district of Nepal where I got to learn more clinical skills, understand more about vulnerable population, their sufferings, and family’s agony. Moreover working with the population group from the lowest socioeconomic and educational background not only enabled me to provide helping hands to the needy ones but also made me realize that the title I have received is an honor and a privilege not to be taken lightly. I learned working in community and dealing with the nutritious need of the children.

 I was able to gather valuable leadership, communication, decision-making, and team work skills. Also provided me insight to focuses on the health related behavior of individuals, and promoting healthy behaviors and   indentifying, evaluating, and reducing unhealthy behaviors.  Therefore, I have planned to do my master degree in public health specially in concentration Behavioral  health promotion and education. Post my degree, I would like to further develop  research field in Nepal. It is my intention to implement the outcomes of my research work practically for the better of the health sector in Nepal. It is my life mission to eradicate the burden of life threatening health problem and other infections and diseases from my country, and introduce new intervention methods and approaches in my country, which have been so far lacking. I believe that one can go extra miles if one truly enjoys what oneis doing.

This is even more true and meaningful if it is for the greater cause and the quest. Personally, I have maximum inclination towards the research areas related to obesity related disorders, stress and coping and yoga related researches. I am confident that I can be very successful in this field.  Therefore, I am looking forward to receiving further degree from accredited university in the USA.I strongly believe that the knowledge I acquire will be beneficial for the needy children and people to prevent nutrition related health problems of my country and lead a healthy life. I am aware of the kind of dedication and perseverance needed for completion of the degree program and for a successful career.

I am very hopeful that, my academic records, personal experience, deep fond for knowledge and passion for helping uplift the health of my fellow human being will help me get selected for the master degree program in this highly reputed University.  Thank you so much for considering my application. Praja AdhikariNepal 


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