I ability to make electricity with the wind.

I choose wind power as my topic because I think it is very interesting how wind power has the ability to make electricity using air flows that occur naturally in the earths atmosphere. I always remember as a child seeing the wind turbines, thinking they look so interesting, but I never realized what they were used for, as a child I remember thinking they were big fans used to make wind. Wind Power is a clean energy source. Wind power is the ability to make electricity with the wind.

In a sense it is natural because these winds come from the atmosphere. The wind blows, causes the blades to turn, the generator is spinning and this creates the energy. The wind turbines stand at about 80 meters tall; the steel towers have a hub with three attached blades. There is also a Nachelle, this keeps the, generator, shaft, controls and gearbox. A typical wind turbine generates usable power, this is over ninety percent of the time.

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The wind turbine starts to generate the power once the winds hit six to nine miles per hour, they do cut power at 45 miles per hour to prevent damage to the equipment. Wind Turbines are usually together in a windy area that have been through a robust development process, this is a group usually called wind farm, these all function together, as one singe power plant and this creates the energy. Once the wind energy is on the power grid, the power operators and electric utilities will then transport all the electricity where it is needed. There are two different types of wind turbines, there is the horizontal axis, and these are the most common. The blades face into the wind, the blades are located on the top of the tower facing, along with the shaft, and generator. There is the vertical axis turbines, the shaft that the blades are connected to is vertical to the ground, and all the main components are close to the ground.

A couple advantages’ of the horizontal wind turbines is that they can be placed onto different locations including offshore or uneven ground, most of these are self- starting, however these are difficult to install and the maintenance is difficult. The vertical axis on the other hand is easy to maintain, but a disadvantage is they are less efficient. There is something that is not good about wind turbines and that is that thousands of birds and bats are killed each year here in the U.S. This also includes some other particular species, including the Indiana bat and the golden eagle. This is a problem considering wind power is experiencing record growth. One solution is location, the location where the wind turbines are put is very important, if that is improved this can prevent so many birds from being killed.

The industry should start using radar technology that can detect if a bird or eagle is coming near. Turbines can be slowed down or shut down when the radar detects something coming near. Wind is a form of solar energy, and is a outcome of the not smooth heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the indiscretions of the earth’s surface, and the revolution of the earth. Wind flows designs and speeds differ meaningfully across the United States and are modified by bodies of water, vegetation, and changes in terrain.

Humans use this wind flow, or gesture energy, for numerous purposes, sailing, flying a kite, and even generating electricity. The terms wind energy or wind power labels the process by which the wind is used to produce mechanical control or electricity. Wind turbines alter the moving energy in the wind motored power. This motorized power can be used for precise tasks, such as crushing grain or pumping water, or a generator can substitute this mechanical power into electricity. After learning about wind power I realized it has a big purpose, and it is not just something that looks cool or interesting.

I learned that wind power has a lot of good pros, wind power pumps billions of dollars into our economy every single year, typically into rural areas where over 99 percent of wind farms are located; 71 percent of those reside in low-income counties. Over the last decade, the manufacturing has invested an average of over $14 billion annually in new wind projects. Another benefit is Wind energy is a drought-resistant cash crop that farmers and ranchers rely on to make a living, and keep their land in the family.

During 2016, U.S. wind projects waged at least $245 million in lease payments to landowners. The resident taxes they pay benefit rural communities afford teachers, ambulances, and roads.


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