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I believe that courage, integrity, equality, punctuality and respect are the most important values for me because they complete each other and can make my life easier. For example, if someone is punctual, then he or she would learn to respect time and others.

Therefore, they would have two significant values at once. These values help me determine my priorities, whether if they are at work or in life. When there is a conflict between my values and what I am doing, I can say that what I am doing is wrong. Thus, it is important that I have a clear understanding of my own values.ReflectionWhat I found most challenging about the task was cutting down the personal ethics into five ethics only because it is difficult to limit yourself with just a few ethics. Some ethics are connected and cannot be separated from each other which is also hard when choosing a few ethics.

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Another is that you need to look deeper inside yourself to explore your ethics.For a while, I felt that I was lost and did not know myself really well. It was just confusing to find my own code of ethics. So, I started getting worried about not knowing myself. I realised that I was not comfortable with some of my behaviours.

The answers to the questions came from my own experience. My personal ethics came from my observation to my behaviours, looking back when I was young and the background that I come from. The different situations that I had before helped me get to know more about my code of ethics.From this experience, I have learnt that setting up a personal code of ethics is essential to know yourself better and helps a person to change their bad behaviours so that they do not affect them in their workplace or social life. I have also learnt that my ethics are stable and consistent, but they expand and get bigger as you go in life because there are no limits to them.I will apply my code of ethics on every day of my life and in every situation that I face to make sure that I am on the right track. I will check if my behaviours match my code or not because it is important to make sure that they do not affect the quality of my life.

I will also revisit my code of ethics from time to time to check that the important things have not changed.


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