I the beginning, it’s quite overwhelming to prepare

 I still remember that I set a goal formyself at the beginning of this semester.

At that time, I hope that I canactually polish up my different English abilities to make them better and moreadvanced. Also, I hope that I can manage the time properly so that I can handleall the assignments and studying materials from different courses in thissemester. With the passage of time, it’s time to contemplate this wholesemester to examine myself. Generally, I am glad that I do learn some preciousthings in some courses. In Western Civilization, I am not surprised about thosecontents themselves, since I actually have learned that before in high school.However, what makes me feel interested in that I learn those history, art,religion, etc. in English. In the past, I acquire those knowledge in Chinese.

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Now all the materials and textbooks are written in English, which is quiteinteresting, but makes the course a little bit difficult. Besides, the course,public speaking, actually helps me a lot in terms of English speaking. At thebeginning, it’s quite overwhelming to prepare a speech in such short time. Now,I feel more comfortable and confident when giving a speech or having apresentation after the whole semester, for we have many chances to practice andconquer our stage fright. Thus, I believe this course is really useful to meand it aids not only my presentation skill but also oral abilities.      Whenit comes to one of the bothering courses, I believe many students in Englishdepartment at FJU will choose CC (Composition and Conversation) class as theiranswer.

Nevertheless, in my defense, CC class actually doesn’t overwhelm me alot. In fact, I am quite satisfied with the current situation. In the past, CCclass used to be tedious and tough. Now, it is still quite challenging but I thinkthe professor makes CCII more interesting as possible as he could.

As for theachievements that I have constituted, first, in writing field, I have learnedthe ideas of prewriting, essay writing, outlining, revising, annotating, summarizingand MLA formatting and style. I can use various writing modes to composewell-developed, structured, collegiate-level essays as possible. To be honest,in CCI, I always consider summary the most difficult part in the writing field.Thankfully, after some practice in CCII, I learn some techniques and some tipsso as to conquer this task.

After all, practice makes perfect. Now, I find thatI quite enjoying writing and I hope I am still able to write accurately andappropriately on a restricted range of topics and excel in my research paper.      Speakingof regrets, I regrets that I didn’t pick up more listening skills. Actually, I amtrying to understanding British accent. Taiwan’s English materials have been writtenin American English. Therefore, some people may have misunderstanding thatAmerican English is authentic.

After learning more about British English, I amquite fascinated by its elegant accent. That’s why I set my goal to comprehendit. In the meantime, I think although we have lots of opportunities to speakup, we still need someone to correct us and help us polish up our speakingskills directly. Despite that, I myself make up my mind that I should work onthis field from my own.

First, I will develop my listening skills by audio andvideo file-based listening exercises. Then in order to speak more fluently andcorrectly, I will daily practice echo method. I hope that I can have some positiveresults be the end of the sophomore.     To sum up, I think sometimes we may facechallenges.

English department’s courses are not that easy as other peoplereckon. However, what we supposed to do is forge ahead and regard it as alesson for us to learn. I am also quite happy that I have a colorful semesterand acquire some valuable knowledge. 


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