I a great impact on history of Architecture.

I have always wanted to travel around the world. From a very young age, while I was traveling with my family, I was happy and amazed to discover new cities and the stories they can tell. Every city we visited carried behind a history of a civilization that lived and chose how to shape their buildings. This was my first step toward the discovery of Architecture. I remember being impressed and magnified by Gaudi’s Architecture in Barcelona, and affected by Liebeskind’s museum in Berlin.

Those were the moments I realized that Architecture would be a part of my life. I was influenced by ideas of Architects that had a great impact on history of Architecture. Norman Foster once said: “Everything is always a fresh start. You can always go one step further. And if you can’t go one step further, it means you haven’t learned from what you’ve done before and you’re not sharp. Then, it’s time to say stop and do something else…” – Those words were surprisingly motivating for me to push my limits and go further in everything I do, and thus in my architectural goals for creation and design. During my three-year study at the National School of Architecture in Rabat, I have received the basics of Architectural design and learned about the use of specific elements like light, color, space and materials, to design spaces that provide the wellbeing for the users. The second part was about the history and theories that made me discover the trace left by the old generations and learn lessons from it.

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When I was in the middle of my architecture studies, I felt that I needed to discover the world and challenge myself for a new experience. I left home and traveled to Spain for an exchange program in a new country, and in a different language, a fourth language that I had to learn and use in my academic as well as everyday life. It was a challenge that, at times, made me worry about my potential to succeed. Still, the academic rigor I had evolved in and educational background I had accumulated proved to be immensely helpful both academically and socially. I had the opportunity to attend many classes such as the « Architectural, city and landscape project , Sustainable habitat » as well as the « Building technology and energy efficiency », which helped me learn about the technologies used in a building to improve my abilities to create new and innovative architectures. Professional experience (jobs, internships, volunteering) are often merely used to fill someone’s resume or cover letter based on their major field of study. But, for me, these same experiences shaped my future professional projects. I had the opportunity to put to practice my desire for creation.

Through my experiences, I have discovered what I enjoy doing: designing and creating something with passion. This has also helped me to go ahead in my career, and to reinvent myself in terms of changing circumstances. It was an opportunity to learn more and develop my skills in art and design.

I could enjoy each phase of the project from the first idea until the realization. The group works and deadlines were full of imagination and brainstorming, an important step for the act of creation.I believe that architecture is a combination of creativity and knowledge.

It is all about a continuous work and research in order to learn new ideas in architecture. I want to pursue a graduate program to strengthen my skills and foundation of design knowledge. I believe that architecture never stops impressing us day after day, and that we all need nourishment from other cultures and arts. As the challenges are growing and the science is moving ahead, I want to expand my knowledge for new technologies and architectural inventions in order to improve my abilities to design new sustainable buildings in order to proposed new solutions based on a strong research that I am willing to do in your University.With my multilingual background, and my experience of design and arts, which I have acquired at two international Schools of Architecture and in many internships, I feel that I can explore this more in my educational experience at The Arizona State University  for the PhD program. The multidisciplinary University interests me a lot for the environment provided to the students, as well as the wide field of research proposed.

The University integrates students from all over the world and gives them the chance to live a new and unforgettable experience while improving their experimentation in architectural design and innovation.Furthermore, Arizona is one of the most attractive states of the United States with its fascinating neighborhoods, natural spaces and its multiple attractions and cultural institutions. This environment provided for the student would be the best for completing additional studies in the United States. This encouraged me more to apply for the PhD of  Design, Environment and the Arts at the Arizona State University .If admitted, I want to have an enriching experience at Arizona State University  and vow to make the most of it by taking chances, challenging myself, and collaborating with others. The course and educational specialty offered will help make the most of my educational career and innovative potential at this special University.


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