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I am seeking to take up technical position in the field of Civil Engineering and take challenging creative and diversified projects. I have excellent written and communication skills in English. I am open minded to work in complex environment and projects. I have efficient management and organizational abilities. I can learn new things quickly so it won’t take me more time to adapt to new environment and working style. Since I am a fresh graduate and have not worked in such project, I would like to gain good experience from such projects. I always perform and complete the work that I am given with sincerity. I am one of those candidates who enjoy the work instead of doing it. This makes me more attentive to my work and I always find myself ready to learn new thing, to be creative and to go with new ideas. I can effectively use AutoCAD and efficiently operate Microsoft Office Packages which are some of the skills that you are searching in the candidate so I find myself right for the job because of all the skills that I have mentioned above. I can ensure you that I can give 100% dedication to my work if selected.

• Effective communication skills – with an increase in the documentation and instructions that engineers use in the workplace, clear and concise communication is a requirement.
• Interpersonal skills – you need to know how to effectively work as part of a team and work with customers to identify needs and provide solutions.
• Technical knowledge – whatever technical expertise is vital to your job, you need to understand how to apply this to solving practical problems.
• Organisational skills – being able to prioritise tasks, manage your time effectively and resource planning are key skills for engineers.
• Enthusiasm and commitment – learning new skills is part of every engineer’s role, so you need to be adept at assimilating a lot of new information.

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