I views,rights and opinions of others commitment,engagement and

I am passionate and ardent about making a difference when am involved with a project ,I want to do my best toachieve success and fortune.Teamwork ,I work confidently and positively within a group also am able to express my ideas and opinions clearlyand confidently in a acent.Also,Leadership and organisation,Leadership is about vision ,perception respecting the views,rights and opinions of otherscommitment,engagement and punctuality .Also,I am experienced project manager who worked for Camfed alumni(CAMA) for 15months in theinstitution , I am familiar with contrasting process and methodologies and project and activities management.moreoverI have delivered many fruitful projects like community education on Female genital mutilation(FGM)and volunteer project on breast cancer .I have also coached and trained others in the activitiesmanagement and Public Relation Officer(PRO) discipline boosting their capability and arts .I do admit that my skills, knowledge,ability,experience and passion will really improve the quality and consignment of this internship and its project


I'm Owen!

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