I the man-hours, and the wastage of time.

I am applying for this Industrial Engineering program due to my inherent desire to pursue a career in this field. My innately pragmatic mind is very suited to this area and I am very excited about the new developments and skills required for this work. For me, Industrial engineering is the perfect discipline because of the practical nature and the research components that are possible. The world is changing and this allows me to be a part of that.

I find that I am perfectly suited to the discipline required for success in this field and am dedicated until I find the answer that I am looking for. It is my aim to develop new ideas and solutions to make things easier.After completing an internship at Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited, I understood the underlying idea on how to improve the processes. I then knew that I needed to achieve some practical experience and completed an internship in Bharat heavy electronics Limited, I observed that the company could achieve better efficiency as they were lacking in managing its workforce, the man-hours, and the wastage of time. I had some general ideas at that time but my overall knowledge pertaining to this area was limited. I decided to enroll in the Industrial Engineering Management and Operation Research courses as I felt that the courses provided a foundation and improved my understanding.

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I am certain that I will be a great fit in the University of Texas Arlington to pursue my Masters in industrial engineering Program. Taking into account my academic background and zeal for research, I am confident of meeting the high standards of the graduate program. If given an opportunity, with utmost diligence and determination, I will strive to be an asset to the University and make a meaningful contribution in my chosen field. During my third-year undergraduate programme, I was involved in a project “ISIE-ESVC (ELECTRIC SOLAR VEHICLE COMPETITION)-2017 organized by the Imperial society of innovative engineers, India. This project involved a complete fabrication of a three-wheeled commercial solar vehicle.

Our team cleared the virtual round by making innovative designs as per the rules framed by ISIE. Then we started the fabrication process that is followed by many automobile manufacturers. It was a great experience for me as I was the design head and inventory head of the team and involved in the complete fabrication process.

It enhanced my passion for manufacturing technology. We have won the “green mobility award” and stood an overall 4th place in design.I have also partaken in some projects such as the design and weight optimization of connecting rod of bike engines and the design on the rear axle in a three-wheeler, which showed me how to work from start to finish on my own merit. I found this deeply insightful.

I have always been a good student right through my academic career, but I did have my share of hiccups along the way. I have learned valuable lessons from those not so pleasant memories. The failure was a wakeup call for me and I have made amends and started concentrating on my academics and the results stand testimony to my resilient attitude.

After going through the websites of the department and the institute, I believe the University of Texas Arlington, together with its tradition of academic excellence, its state of the art research facilities and faculty, is sure to provide me with a rich blend of technical knowledge and practical experience. 


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