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Keval Sanghvi upon his request as he has applied for the admission in the Master Program( ) at your university, which is of high repute. In my capacity as Project Manager of Ecommerce Hybris Component Development I have had numerous opportunities to interact with and observe him in the past one year. I find him to be talented software engineer . I would like to offer evaluation of his potential for your contribution.His selection was based on technical interview in our project. His technical knowledge was quite impressive which he had developed on his own initiative. He impressed me in number of areas that combines technical skills, logical thinking, dedication, and desire that assures me that he will be successful in the Master’s Program.

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His advanced skills and passion for the subject make him an ideal fit for your rigorous program.Keval is a self-motivated , hardworking, dedicated employee of high intelligence who can grasp concepts, think critically and handle rigor of a competitive professional working environment. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable him to interact effectively with team members. He is very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to coordinate events of this kind and run an efficient office.Although he fell seriously ill during the project organizational training, he worked really hard cleared all examinations and outperformed many peer colleague. His will and determination were clearly reflected by his ability to attend the exams and completed all the project tasks even though he was suffering from herniated disk back pain.

In fact, I will always remember  that he came to the office with a strap-on belt that supported his back. Such commitment, I feel, will help him surpass all expectations set forth by your institution for an incoming student.He was very creative in developing an Extension a part of Hybris Commerce functionality that contains business logic, type definitions, a web application, and back-office configuration functionality all wired into the core Hybris platform via the Spring dependency injection model. I think it’s his genuine interest and passion for computer science to improve human life.

Keval also acts as an effectual channel of communication between his team and senior management. He has ability to converse evidently, accurately and this has proved to be great asset in the speedy implementation of his work.He is talented, intuitive, caring, dedicated, and focused in his pursuits. Keval is truly an stand-out individual who will impress everyone he meets.He is very supportive and helps other colleagues for solving technical problems when needed. I think he will make a great contribution to your graduate school and I’m very much looking forward to seeing and experiencing the contributions he will make in the field of computer science.


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