I) this vital issue, they are some

I) Patriotism A) Patriotism is reasonably robust passion that evokes one to serve one’s country. As a part of the society in Asian nation, forever|we must always} always show loyalty and feeling to our country.

However, in Asian nation, do the folks very love or respect the country? Based on the facts in Asian nation, newspapers and television news broadcasts have been full of calls by government ministers and officials for greater patriotism in the country. Malaysians, it seems, do not love Malaysia enough. Regarding this vital issue, they are some certain parties playing main roles to overcome it. In our National independence month, we show our Patriotism by raising our national flag to our home. How many of the citizen of Malaysia doing this? A certain group feel that it’s not important to raise the flag at our home. It is the honor we give to the people who fight for our Malaysia independence. From my experience I have seen lot of houses didn’t fly the Malaysia flag on independence month.

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Also, in movie theaters, in independence month before start a movie normally the run the Malaysia Negaraku song, when this song start all have to stand up and sing the song so show our patriotism but I can see a numbers of people still sit and not respect the Negaraku song. This kind of attitude so the lack patriotism. Raising the Jalur Gemilang and belting out Negaraku would make Malaysians reverberate with pride, but such nationalistic ardour must be translated into positive action to be patriotic. Those who contribute to charity and society by volunteering are even more patriotic. The contributions can be in the form of treasure, talent or time.

1) First and foremost, the government must play the most important part to handle this problem. The government will choose randomly to decide who are going to undergo the three months to National Service course to increase the patriotism among teenagers. Through this program, the teenagers will have the opportunity to mix with different people from various races, religious and culture background. By going through the National Service course, the young citizens will have a better and deeper knowledge of other races and eventually they will be more patriotism.2) Patriotism is important in shaping the society in a country.

An advanced society is closely associated with the apply of nationalism. History of Malaysia proves that the struggle to get independence their homeland from occupation is due to the strong practice of patriotism. The apply of nationalism typically differs in line with the social, economic, political and cultural environment in an era based on the experiences of people in a society. The predominant strength that should be available to adopt the spirit of patriotism is the power associated with their Creator as described in the first a principle of the country. As Indonesia has five precepts, Malaysia too has principle of the country to be observed. Thus, the characteristics of patriotism will exist in conducting a principle of the country as follows:• Belief in god• Loyalty to king and country• The supremacy of the constitution• The rule of law• Courtesy and moralityi) ExamplePatriotism is heart, love and compassion towards the homeland, the native land where he was born, which is created by their Creator for His servants to do good. People with nationalism ar determined to guard their beloved country against any threat from the enemy.

Patriotism is born within the people’s feelings and expressed through acts and behaviors because the voters United Nations agency have the characteristics of nationalism.II) VandalismB) Vandalism is the one of the big problem that occur in Malaysia. Vandalism is a growing problem that keep on arise by day to day. According to statistics, there are almost 492 cases was being reported at police department last year. This downside has created the community become uncomfortable as a result of they didn’t can’t use the accommodation that being give by the govt effectively. Vandalism is also a tangle that gets in everybody in some kind or another.

It will have an effect on your family, friends, property, community and your pocketbooks. The a lot of you recognize concerning destruction, the more you can make it a crime that is more trouble that it worth.1)What is meaning by Vandalism? Vandalism is that the act of damaging or destroying public facilities or material possession while not valid reason in law.

By doing this action we can conclude our self as a national crime. Vandalism is cost accounting tax payers plenty of cash. Vandalism cause the general public and personal losses suffered as a result of forced to get rid of the value to repair and replace item that broken. Government have spent billions of ringgit in order to repair all the broken accommodates that have been done by the vandalism. This act may be done by people or collectivity.

Example cases like of road bullies, traffic rule breakers, litterbugs s. Its show Malaysians are far from being courteous and polite. Recently we have seen an issue where vandalism occur at newly built MRT stations. Scratches have been found on specially-designed benches in at least four underground MRT stations at Muzium Negara, Pasar Seni, Merdeka and Bukit Bintang. “MRT had to remove one of the benches to get it repaired, and have spent RM10,000 to repair the damage caused so far.” said Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) Strategic Communications and neutral Relations director Datuk Najmuddin Abdullah.


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