Hunger school-going children. In 1989, another program

Hunger is not easy to be solved and the long history of the anti-hunger measures has often been of failure, but successful action on hunger reduction is possible to cut the large numbers of people who are still living in hunger. So here are the possible solutions for the hunger issues in Malaysia that can be done and have been done.

Firstly, to improve nutrition and assuage hunger in Malaysia, the government has introduced the Applied Food and Nutrition Program in year 1972.The main purpose of this program is to increase the production of nutritious foods and promote supplementary feeding of pregnant and lactating mothers as well as infants and school-going children. In 1989, another program named Nutrition Rehabilitation Program started, perhaps focusing on the starving children. For instance, food baskets containing nutritional supplements are distributed to such children on a monthly basis. The Nutrition Rehabilition Program gives a very positive result whereby only 1 percent of Malaysia’s children under the age of five are severely underweight, while the ratio of moderate underweight malnutrition has decreased from 25 percent in the early 1990s to 12 percent in 2001.

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Malaysia has overcome penury through a comprehensive approach to growth and justice. Unfortunately, there are still vulnerable groups, such that single female-headed household and the elderly. And perhaps, many Orang Asli still face extreme poverty.

Next, access to education is the one of the best weapon in order to against poverty and hunger in Malaysia. Education enhance a better opportunity and more access to income and food. Food-for education programs can be introduced where students are given free foods for coming to schools.This may seem like an idea in the United States, but it is life-saving of many people in most of the developed countries.

Besides that, hunger issues can be prevented by empowering women in agriculture. Empowering women to start businesses can also help their families earn enough money to put food on the table. This can be seen, in Haiti, the female farmers who were chronically food hunger can now available to feed her families, expand her businesses and save her children’s futures. Malaysia can adopt empowering women in agriculture like how the women in Haiti are surviving from hunger and poverty.

Another possible way to out the hunger crisis is to stimulate agriculture and develop rural areas. To develop agriculture techniques and skills are the most important because it sharply increases the efficiency of productivity. A developed country, such as Malaysia should be more open about the agricultural technology and perhaps will produce more crop yields. Furthermore, reduce the subsidies on farm production, sharing of the technology innovation.
A community services also can be established in order to reduce hunger and poverty among Malaysians. For instance, Grace Community Services (GCS) is established in August 2009, whereby they community service collecting foods and disturbing the foods to the poor. Currently, GCS feeds 400 families in Klang Valley. Some kind-hearted people, they donated industrial freezers and chillers and a chilled van,that enables GCS to collect cooked food where by at first they could only take packaged food.
Last but not least, food wastage is also one of the ways to prevent hunger and poverty. Usually, food wastage happens in the wedding reception, dinner and birthday function. To avoid food wastage and reduce hunger issues at the same time, we as a Malaysian citizens should be open minded and do give respects to the people in hardship by inviting them to the wedding reception if there is still over excessive food and do provide a good foods for them too rather than throwing the foods. This will makes the people in need to be happy, Good Meal and Happy Tummy.


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