Humans, environment, and animals encounter radiations every day in their lives without observing them. Radiations can be hazardous and non-harmful to all living things alive and is categorized in to two categories, First the ionizing radiations, Second, the non-ionizing radiations. The non-ionizing radiation include the electromagnetic radiation before visible light, which are non-harmful to living things, in the other hand, Ionizing radiations which include the electromagnetic waves after visible light, are harmful to every living thing in even at low exposure because of the high energy waves they give off from the nuclear particles which are the Alpha low energy, beta higher than alpha, and gamma particles the highest energy. When any ray radiation hits any living thing, the Alpha particles stops moving in the Epidermal cells of the human body and Beta particles stops moving in the tissues which can cause little damage to the body. Gamma rays doesn’t stop, it pierce through the bones and organs of the body which can hit the cell and reverse the function of the organs and the production of proteins will be altered which causes mutations in the DNA, this happens because of the Free radicals, where an e- is removed from H2O which produces Hydroxyl the worst chemical compound because it is unstable and unpaired. Although X-rays are still frequently used in medical field, doctors put in mind and review the patients record in how many times they have been exposed to it and can refuse in whether they can be exposed to X-rays, However it might not be affective and patients can be affected even at low dosages. Radiologist are even more at risk in developing cancer. A great solution in how patients and radiologists can be at great lower risk of getting cancer is by getting lead protection gloves, glasses, and apron to wear to block the gamma particles in passing through the cells due to the Leads high number of electrons. Moreover, Antioxidants can reverse the effect of ionizing radiations since antioxidants donate e- to help in completing the last shell and make it healthier, Vitamin A, C, and E are examples with antioxidants which helps donating e- to cells that are affected from the gamma particles for example, strawberries and cherries are antioxidants. Antioxidants Enzymes can be also taken as pills like Dismutase can help donate e-, Catalase helps in donating 2 e-, and Glutathione helps donating 3 e- to hydroxyl radical which then turns it to H2O, moreover every enzyme taken will focus specifically on each free radical found in body, with this we can prevent any damage will happen to the cells as well as mutations in DNA that causes cancer during x-ray exposure.


humans (P 358). Therefore, this objectification of the clones made them not only look inferior to the humans but also created a barrier between them and the humans to the extent that the latter could not treat them as part of their society. Kathy is also conscious of the inhuman and objectified treatment in which they were treated. She exhaustively understands the processes of donations and the subsequent fate that would befall the clones once the fourth donation process was completed. She says “in the fourth donation; one was technically destroyed, however in some way, they would still be conscious, regardless, in spite of the clones being taken to the hospitals for treatment, more donations would be conducted” (p 258). Objectification here is reflected on the basis that they were not treated like humans when they fell sick, the clones lives, even after frequent donations where they were technically destroyed, there were no care centres, no friends, no nurses, they were helpless with nothing left for them to do other than watch their remaining body parts (Mentese 116).
The novel represents a barbaric activity of the normal towards the clones. Objectification does not just happen in a type of dismissal but as a generalization, which utilizes negative words for debasing, barring, and separating the others, yet it additionally occurs in a kind of absorption. The critical goal of absorption is to hide a demonstration of generalization. The procedure of absorption utilizes positive words or talk for commending others. Now and again, it is called ‘objectification by esteeming,’ since the objectification in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go 133 unrivaled gathering requires an acknowledgment and diminishes a sentiment of being ‘the other’ of a sub-par gathering. To be specific, it influences the clones to feel the same as the normal from various perspectives. A second-rate aggregate is as yet being separated and ominously treated (Sawyer 238). In Never Let Me Go, the gatekeepers utilize such words to call the clones for example ‘sweetheart,’ ‘my dears,’ ‘dear understudy,’ or ‘sweetheart.’ More to this, osmosis through talks is additionally utilized as a procedure to demonstrate that the clones are completely human similar to the normal. For


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