Humans when we’re in emergencies. For instance,

Humans have their own emotions.

Emotions that helps them to response from something. One common emotion that humans have is fear. Fear is defined as an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and organ function, as well as in behaviour.

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The definition states that fear can happen when you feel threatened and when you sense danger around you. Fear can lead us to hide, to run away, or to freeze in our shoes. Fear can be the weakness of one person, but it is one of the most powerful emotion.Fear can create strong signals or response when we’re in emergencies. For instance, if we are caught in a fire or being attacked by someone, our body is sensing fear and preparing us on an emergency.

A study from England, states that if we are feeling afraid, it makes our blood flow the muscles, increases blood sugar, and gives us the mental ability to focus on the thing that our body perceives as a threat.Something frightens you like seeing a cockroach, hearing a door slam in an empty apartment, or feeling a knife pressed on your throat. You feel dread, anxiety and panic.

Your heart races, your breathing quickens, and your muscles tense up. Your body goes into a mode weather you can fight or hide and our body will do everything it needs to make you self.Muscle tension, increased heart rate, and shortness of breath mark the most significant symptoms associated with a response to danger.

These bodily changes result from an inborn fight-or-flight stress response that is believed to be necessary for our survival. Without this stress response, our mind would be unable to response, to flee or stay and battle when faced with danger (Ankrom, 2018).Our brain has to do with this fear. According to Vasquez 2018, fear begins in the thalamus, which receives signals from our body’s senses.

From there, there are two different paths the fear reaction can take: the low road or the high road. If one of those signals is life-threatening, the thalamus alerts your amygdala. Your amygdala triggers emotional responses and prompts your hypothalamus to turn up your adrenal gland and rush blood to your muscles to get away from the danger.In animals, if they can sense danger around them they immediately activates their defense mechanism. For example, when a king cobra was confronted, they can raise up to one-third of their bodies straight off the ground and still move forward to attack. They will also flare out their iconic hoods and emit a bone-chilling hiss that sounds almost like a growling dog.On the other hand, fear can stay in a short period of time in our minds but if it stays longer it may lead into mental health conditions. We may experience headaches, muscle pain and tension, chest pain, ringing or pulsing in ears, sweating and trembling, cold chills of hot flushes, upset stomach and nausea, and many more.

Fear and anxiety are interrelated. One of the common type of anxiety that most students experiencing is math anxiety. We cannot blame students to have fear on math because they have put on their minds that math is difficult or hard to solve. As a student, I also have math anxiety.

When I was in elementary math is not that hard for me but when I entered in high school things had changed. Until now I still have that anxiety but I am trying my best to overcome it.In life there were times that we experience an excessive fear, but we should try to overcome it. If we are always avoiding things that scare us, we might end up not living the life we want. We are restricting ourselves to do the things we wanted to do.

We should try to relax and meditate more. Learning relaxation techniques can help us with the mental and physical feelings of fear.We may have experience fear and anxiety. It may lead us on having nightmares and allowing ourselves to have trouble in sleeping, but we have to consider the good effects of fear in times when we’re on danger or in threat.

Others may think that being fearful is weakness, that fear is the basis for being unsubstantial but it may help us on thinking for quick response in times when we’re on trouble.


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