Humans are now beyond genius

Humans are now beyond genius. We live in the time of technology as a medium of almost every single thing that we do. In the other word, technology makes us lazy. it makes everything easier but it procrastinates us and does not hone our thinking skills. Firstly, technology makes us fat. It makes our life easy and comfortable. It reduces our physical activity which making us lazy. Nowadays, machines govern us. In every aspect of life we are becoming more and more dependent on modern machines and have stopped using our body and brain. We can also say that technology makes human “blind”. It is said that walking is the best exercise. But nowadays we prefer to use car even to go to the next lane. We even use the lift or escalator to get to the higher or lower level of the buildings. Besides, technology, especially the internet definitely makes procrastination easier. Never before has it been so simple to waste hours without even realizing it. Like surfing the internet, chatting with friends and playing the role of almost everything. Also, technology is not a tool anymore, it becomes the “delayers”. Truthfully, it makes human spending too much time on the internet, busy chatting with friends, forgetting of what should they have done than things that can be done later. Just because the technology itself is so convenient, it can act as a medium in procrastination. Human tend to build excuses from doing things that need to be done. They trigger the excuses because the things that need to be done is easy with the help of technology like billing and payment or even shopping. Now we can also do it online and make things were even more convenient. Lastly, technology does not hone our thinking skills. Computer, calculators and internet are sources of great help in diminished our thinking skills as we begun to depend totally on these inventions. For instance, even if we have to add a few numbers or to do a small calculation we take out our calculator rather than our brain. Our parents can still solve such problems in a jiffy without the aid of a calculator. It is the reality that children nowadays take advantage of such technological inventions as calculators to cover the work of mathematics tells us that children have decreased the use of brain incredibly as compared to children in the previous years. Most of all, technology is replacing the need to think. Technology is invading our freedom to think and work as technology is replacing people in many occupations. Why would businesses employ people to do the same job they can get a machine to replacing the individual’s need to come up with the answer themselves when they can just put the calculation into the calculator and have to answer given to them. Technology invading us by dumbing us down, as well as being used to monitor our every move and word. It eradicated the need for us to use our brains for daily basics like math, spelling, and even telling time. Spell check, calculators and digital readouts do simple tasks that used to be carried out by. This is certainly dulled our basic skills. So, it is clear now that even though technology helps us to make things easier but it makes us more lazy as we become fat, procrastinate a lot and it dulled our basic skills in life.


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