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Human Being the most intelligentcreation always searching for better and best in a constant effort to transform,innovate, and revolutionize their life & for the said purpose they find educationas the key to get better equipped with the tools needed to achieve their goalsalong the path. As a person gets more indulged in to the practical life hefinds it hard to get himself practically educated but the needs to transformhis life and move to a higher position stays there. Executive, whether mid-level or toptier; seeks a business degree to rise professionally. Similarly, EMBAparticipants are seeking to climb the corporate ladder further becauseexcellence in professional life leads to gains in personal life.

With suchobjective association with IBA for a business degree makes them shine.  With a professionalmotive other motives are also associated such as networking in corporate world,easy job switching, enhancing skill set, and nurturing the ability to createnew & fresh ideas.  1.2    Terms and scope This study tries toexplore, the motives of an individual, why he seeks a degree along withinvestigating the following, § What is primary reason for joining MBAExecutive program?§ Is it helping them transform theircareer? (Financial, professional or personal)1.3    Why am I interested? In a study (Gui, 2010) states improvinganalytical ability as the primary reason to attend the MBA program.

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  In our situation it also applies but thereare other motivator also which are further explored by (Khalid Javaid Anwer, 2013) in their study inwhich they discovered “most of the respondents have an intention to select MBAat evening to escalate their salaries and career growth”. Similar intentions/motivationswith students who just joined MBA Executive and who have passed out were found. 1.4    How will this be helpful? This study, will help themanagement of MBA Executive to tailor made the program, according to the needsof majority, and highlight the major achievements / gains of the MBA Executivefamily in practical life after passing out. 1.

5    Research Question In Pakistan, MBA programshave flourished in the past few years and the primary assumption of thisresearch is that candidates want to climb up the corporate ladder. Earlierresearches have been done on MBA programs but this research focuses MBAExecutive program by IBA. Despite the fact that there are many institutionoffering the same degree but why do candidates prefer to join the IBA’sprogram. Ho       :           Peoplejoin IBA’s MBA Executive program for a tag of industry’s leading                         educationalbrand & to cash it for having materialistic gains.H1        :           IBA’sMBA Executive program is joined to enhance the current skill set.


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