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https://www. Best Star Wars Toys of 2017Very big part of George Lucas Star Wars popularity was and is due to its action figures, so beloved by all the devoted fans. Boba Fett action figurines and Millennium Falcons were so real and so visually stimulating that it seemed like they could get up in arms and join the fight. As movies progressed, so did the toys. Disney is now in charge of Lucasfilm and is doing a terrific job at licensing and creating some really cool characters. Here is a list of 5 amazing toys that were hot in 2017:5.

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Hasbro Star Wars Force Link Starter Set – $19.39Hasbro has collaborated with Disney and launched a series of Star Wars toys that are linked with a wristband. You can pair the action figures, spaceships, and play sets together and create your custom universe. You will also get the speakers to create some pretty cool sound effects. All the sounds are already preloaded to the NFC-enabled chip on the wristband and getting more toys will unlock more sounds. The process is out of this world – when you get an action figure, you need to tap it to the wristband and it will get identified and loaded with sounds. Besides action figures, there is a playset shaped like BB-8. There are rooms, trap doors, tarp doors, and all kinds of escape routes for your action figures to play in.

4. Star Wars Jedi Challengers AR Headset with Lightsaber – $346You can now join Star Wars action with a virtual reality experience Star Wars Jedi Challenger. This entertainment is collaboration between Disney and Lenovo. This experience does not require a desktop, it needs only you smartphone. This eliminates all wires and you are free to move the way you want. The Star Wars experience is very different from some other smartphone-driven VR experiences.

It comes with cameras on the headsets, enabling the outside world to come into the virtual reality, and tracking beacons strengthen that mix between the reality and the VR. The straps are very comfortable and the weight of the headset, the entire 1.4 pounds of it, is very well distributed for the ultimate comfort of the user. The cameras will track the lightsaber and will display its movements in the VR inside the headset.3. Sphero BB-8, R2-D2, and BB-9E – $150The adorable little droid can be yours and can travel based on your commands inside or outside with just a push of the button on your phone or tablet. It looks just like from the movie, thanks to Sphero creator Adam Wilson. You can send personal messages with a hologram affect.

All three droids come with similar capabilities – you can make them go around and control them with smartphone apps, light up, and help children to start coding thanks to SpheroEDUapp, encouraging kids to educate themselves. You can even watch Star Wars movies together with androids and watch them react differently to various segments. You will feel like you have a friend. 2. Propel Star Wars Quad Copter – $99This Star Wars gadget will elevate your experience and will lift it off the ground.

Propel makes its drones and quadcopters capture our imagination. There are several models of drones in the series: the T-65 X-wing Starfighter, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 and a 74-Z speeder bike. These drones are no joke and can reach speeds of 50 kmph with the help from propellers that are placed underneath the drone, not on top. You can control the drone with the remote control or use an app to learn how to fly through simple lessons and obstacle course. When you become quite good at it, you can test your skills and do drone battles with friends via multi-player mode on the app. 1 LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit – $99.

95This toy takes the cake and can be crowned the toy of the year. This is the exact droid you are looking for. Your kids will spend hours putting this R2-D2 droid together and then testing various missions.

Once it’s built, you will be able to control it with your phone or tablet and enjoy various beeps for answers. The missions include drawing various secret messages by attaching the pen or using gestures to move it around. Your robot builders of 8 and up will definitely have a blast.


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