well as governmental groups. Another goal which

com/books?id=PImVhQFqVhUC&pg=PA235&lpg=PA235&dq=called+to+care+a+christian+worldview+for+nThe “Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society” (WOCN) society has come up with various goals which include providing standards of practice associated with the WON nurse so as to ensure excellence patient upkeep services. It also aims at providing constant nursing education for the development of profession associated with WON domain nurse. Also, there should be a representation as well as the promotion of WON domain nursing practice in regard to the public, to the associated care professionals, the community as well as governmental groups. Another goal which is associated with WOCN society is accrediting Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Education Programs, WOCNEP. In addition, WOCN society aims also at providing high superiority enduring education in the arena of WON subject nursing in regard to other providers of health care. Moreover, WOCN aims at promoting current development associated with the occupation as well as the Society majorly through research in addition to long-range scheduling activities.

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In addition, there are various objectives that are required for one to become a Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse, (CWON) at ABC and be part of the Wound Ostomy Nursing Team. Such an individual must be capable of completing WebWON duet scope platform as well as practicum associated with the wound as well as ostomy nursing. Also, he or she must successfully fill the duet scope certification exam associated with the wound as well as ostomy nursing basically through the WOCN Certification Board. This board plays a core role in the certification of nurses in order to recognize as well as differentiate the worth of nurses who are expert from those who are at the entry level.

To become a board certified, a nurse needs reliable evaluations of his or her professional skills as well as knowledge (Brennan, et al.,2008). Although a certain nurse who has not been certified by the board may have fundamental entry-level skills, he or she might lack specialized skills. She or he may also lack experience in order to offer expert care. Certification by board ensures that a particular nurse has sufficient knowledge and adequate qualification to offer specialized care. This enables her meet wound, ostomy, continence, as well as foot care requirements of the patient. It is also involved in discussion with management on the possibility of raising the prevailing FTEs in order to meet demands which are increasing for CWON preceding two prevailing CWONs introverted.

Another core goal associated with WOCN is incorporation into the recognized Wound Ostomy Nursing Team at AB Clinic. Various objectives associated with this goal may include introducing oneself in one’s role as CWON to nurses, doctors as well as other staff members in the healthcare department. In order to be incorporated, one must also work independently like a CWON so as to offer specialty services, staff and patients education, and adequate care, which is referred to the Wound Ostomy Nurses majorly at ABC. urs


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