Target Mega Online Sale on Amazon Prime Day
Black Friday is a thing of the past. Amazon Prime Day deals are even better for all Prime members. But there is one other retailer that wants to cash in on that same day too. Target is aiming to take some cash from Jeff Bezos on July 17th with its own mega website sale. Between those two we are standing to shell out some serious cash.
If you are out of your nightly eye cream you are in luck – Target will discount all beauty and personal care products by 25%. Just got rid of your old juicer and looking to start making morning smoothies instead? Target has you covered with small kitchen appliance and cookware sale. Can’t forget stunning bed sheets you saw at your friend’s house? Get them at Target from Opalhouse or Project 62 for 30% off. Want to remodel and redesign your home? Get a nice head start with 30% off Target-exclusive décor brands and items.
If you have little ones to entertain and to dress, you are in luck too, because lots of baby related items and gear will be on sale too. The Mega sale will include toys, 30% off baby gear, and $5 discounts on books with $20 purchase. Every member of your family will find something nice.
Google products, like Google home will also be discounted by 30%. This is no accident because Google is Amazon’s biggest competitor.
Target is talking loud and clear about no need to have membership to shop all the amazing sales. Amazon Prime members are the only ones eligible for sales day discounts, but free week trial members can also get join in the shopping. If you spend more than a $100 at Target, you can get free six-month Shipt membership to get free same-day shipping program, just like Amazon. So get on it as soon as you can on July 17th!
Target’s sale will start early in the morning and will last until midnight. This is one aspect of the sale that Amazon wins – its sale will launch on July 16th 3 pm and will last until the same time as Target. This way Amazon will have a longer time to collect your money for all the goods you have been eyeing for a while. You can shop one, shop, another, or shop both to your heart’s content. So set up an alarm, don’t forget, and get the credit cards ready to do some serious buying. Those goodies won’t buy themselves after all!


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