How After selection of diskpart type further

How to make any Bootable drive of Windows without any software.
In this topic, we will try to make windows USB with multiple commands of command prompt.
Essential requirements for Bootable USB
1. USB drive minimum 8GD
2. Windows DVD to copy Windows file.
3. A Laptop or Computer PC
Steps to Make Windows USB with command prompt
1. Press Windows+R to open the run program and open the command prompt
2. Image 1
3. Now connect the device USB drive into your computer before moving toward any further step.
4. Now open the command prompt and open as administrator
5. Now type in command prompt diskpart and press enter. It is essential to have plugged in Windows USB into the computer
6. After selection of diskpart type further command list disk to enlist down the list of the disk. This will show the entire connected disks connected to your computer.
7. Image 2
8. Now further we will select the USB disk space for further necessary action. If the USB disk is disk then type select disk 2.
9. Image 3
10. After the selecting USB disk drive will move further to format the disk drive. Type clean and press enter to format the USB drive.
11. Image 4
12. After that, we have to create the USB drive partition. Type the command carefully “create partition primary” and press enter to process the command.
13. Image 5
14. After successfully creating the windows partition select the partition. Type command select partition 1 and press enter
15. Image 6
16. Next step is to activate the created partition. Type the command active and press enter
17. Image 7
18. Now further step format the USB drive to make it the bootable drive. Type the command format fs = ntfs quick and press enter. This process will take some time to complete the procedure.
19. Image 8
20. After 100% completion close all the tabs of the command prompt. Copy the whole setup files to the windows and paste into the USB drive. After completing the copying setup files remove the USB drive. After that plug in the USB drive into the computer and you will see the sign like given below image. Your bootable USB is ready.
21. Image 9


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