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How to Fix Windows error 0xc000021a “defiantly resolved” It is a pretty common error in Windows 10 Operating System. I will configure the problem by using following simple steps to resolved this issue1. First of all, in the automatic repair click on the advanced options 2. Image 13. Once we have opened the advanced options click on the troubleshoot the problem4. Image 25.

Again in further steps click on the advanced options 6. Image 37. Now multiple options will appear before you click on the command prompt this will enable us to resolve the issue by using command prompt with multiple commands,8. Image 49. After opening the command prompt write dir to open the windows dir. Type the word dir by selecting the drive carefully mostly it is C drive so you will type C: to select the drive C of windows. But in my case it D so I will select D: and type further dir for selection directory. Please select yours as per your convenience.

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10. Image 511. Furthermore, we will try consider the error by using long command such as dism /image:C /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions and press enter. In my case my windows directory is on D: so I will use D instead of typing C: Make sure you have typed the correct volume label. After that reboot the system. Most of the computers correct the system after this step but if the computer still gives the same error we move further to consider the problem.

12. Image 613. If the problem still exist again come back to the command prompt by using same above given steps and open the command prompt 14. Now type Dir to open the windows directory and furthermore we will use type chkdsk /f /r and press enter. This will enable the windows directories to remove the hard disk errors. Further, this command will ask you to dismount this volume with (Y/N) and press Y.

This process will fix the errors and checks. This process will take some time depends on the size of the drive your computer.15. Image 716. After completing the process boot the computer once again and consider the error.

If it will again exist we will move further to process.17. Again the open the command prompt and we are going to make another check for this error type the command sfc /scannow and press enter for errors scanning. This process will also take some time.18.

Image 819. Furthermore, we will create another process to reconsider or restoring the overall health of the computer. Type dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth and press enter. Completion of these processes I am sure your computer will be accurate in position with these above-given commands and steps.

20. Image 9


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