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How to Find Your Hidden Creative Geniuscreative genius are not born , they become. it’s never too late to learn and develop your creativity, elevating this quality to the rank of a habit. Only persistent practice will help to go beyond the framework of standard thinking and unite unconnected clues to create a new idea. It is action – the catalyst of cardinal life changes.

So how do can we find our creativity?1- Do not ignore your inspirationOften, new creative ideas make their way into our minds at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Creative ideas can pierce our brain when we brush our teeth or while fishing. In other individuals, the peak of creativity development is observed in the state of drowsiness before falling asleep or illuminates during sleep. As soon as we visit any non-standard, albeit idiotic, in our opinion, we immediately “materialize” creativity on paper.2- Try everything new and everything in a new wayThe idea method to stimulate creativity is by stimulating our brain with different impressions. To change the perceptions of our long-existing plans and our standard action we need to change our behavior. Every day we should put our brain to new tests. For example-To develop the creativity, the right-handers, take the fork in the left hand and vice versa.

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Feel free to skate, even if you don’t know how to skate on ice. Instead of the usual sandwich for breakfast, eat oatmeal. And there are many more ways.

3- Do something.Finish anything. Anything.

Stop researching, planning and getting ready for work, just start working. It does not matter how good or bad you get. You can not conquer the whole world at the first attempt. Remember: there is not a single artist, athlete, entrepreneur or scientist who has become great, having done only half of the work. Stop discussing what you should do, and just do something.4- Do not let criticism defeat you.Criticizing your work is normal. Feel disappointed that the result was not as beautiful as you had hoped – it’s natural.

Most importantly, do not let disappointment turn you away from further work. Do not let self-criticism prevail. Of course, work is important. But do not take it too seriously and allow yourself to make fun of your own mistakes. Do not let criticism stop creativity.

5- Share your work.Show your work to others. Any feedback will allow you to achieve a better result. It is possible that sometimes you have to deal with a critical and even sharply negative attitude. But more often the following happens: there are people who believe in the same thing as you, are inspired by the same thing as you do, and support the business in which you believe. The world needs people who share their creativity.

What seems ordinary to you, someone else may seem amazing. And you will never know about it, if you do not share it.


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