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How to Affiliate Marketing? Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide with Tips ; Tools! (Image via Small Business Trends)Affiliate marketing is one of the most recommended ways to make money online from your blog.It allows you to add a steady stream of revenue to your blog’s monetization strategy.In this affiliate marketing step-by-step guide for beginners, we will explain how affiliate marketing works and how to get started right away.Check the ultimate affiliate marketing guide for beginners with tips & tools below!What is affiliate marketing?By definition, affiliate marketing is a referral arrangement where online retailers (advertisers) pay you commissions when users purchase products from your referral links.

Unlike other ad types that pay based on clicks or views, affiliate marketing works on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or cost-per-lead(CPL) basis.In other words, when someone takes action (that is, buying a product or signing up for a free trial), you can only get a commission.Because advertisers are less risky, affiliates are paying much higher commissions to publishers than Google AdSense or other types of ads.Affiliate marketing needs a more personal approach.You must find a product or service that you think is helpful to your users.

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After that, you must make strategic additions to your blog posts and other areas of the site so that users can purchase products using the recommended links.How does affiliate marketing work?First, you must find the company or product you want to promote to.You need to choose a product or service that you think is relevant to your blog’s topic and that is useful to your audience.The product or company you choose will be referred to as the “merchant.”Next, you must join their partner program to work with the company.

This makes you a ‘member’ of their affiliate. Some companies also use terms such as associates, partners, and so on.Once you join their partner program (also known as the affiliate program), you will receive a unique affiliate ID.You will need to use this member ID to promote the product in all member links you add to the site.You can promote products by adding in-depth product reviews, recommending in articles, displaying banner ads, sending email newsletters, and more.All the traffic that you send to the merchant website using your unique ID will be tracked.After the user purchases, you will receive a commission.Once your income reaches a certain threshold (usually 45 – 60 days), your payment will be issued.How to Start Affiliate Marketing?First of all, you have to make sure that you are using the right blogging platform, and you can run affiliate marketing campaigns on your site.For example, if you are using the site, there are some restrictions on the products and services you can link to.On the other hand, if you are using the self-hosted website, you can add any member link and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns effectively.If you have not created a website yet, you can start immediately.Just follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide on how to start your blog and you can get up and walk in less than 30 minutes.After this, you need to add a disclosure page to your users to find out how you earn money from the site.Please refer to our disclosure page and do not hesitate to use it as a template.You also need to add the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service page to your blog.These are one of the most important pages for WordPress blogs.


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