How it “Sony Music Entertainment”. In 2004, Sony

How Record Labels Work Sony Music Entertainment is a major multi-national record label thatprimarily works in the UK.

They feature a diverse roster of artists such as, “AC/DC”,”Beyoncé”, “Calvin Harris” and own many smaller record labels for different genressuch as “Provident Label Group”, and “Ultra Music”.Sony Music Entertainment is a major record label that beganin 1929 as “American Record Corporation” then became “Columbia RecordCorporation” in 1938. In 1966 the company was reorganized to become “CBSRecords”. Sony Corporation bought the company in 1987, then renaming it “SonyMusic Entertainment”. In 2004, Sony and Bertelsmann started a 50-50 jointventure becoming “Sony BMG Music Entertainment”. Finally, In 2008 Sony acquiredBertelsmann’s stake and reverted to “Sony Music Entertainment”. Sony Music Entertainment has an artist & repertoire teamto find and bring new artists to the label.

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The A Team is expected toknow the current tastes of music in order to find artists that will becommercially successful. The A Team is responsible for the communicationbetween the artists and the record label and they do everything from songselection to choosing the people that will produce the album to deciding wherethe album will be recorded. Sony Music Entertainment have a large roster ofartists as well as many smaller record labels for specific genres of music sothey work with all types of genres and in many locations around the world.Sony Music Entertainment use digital distribution todistribute their artist’s music by using all major digital music services suchas ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

This is where music is bought anddownloaded digitally onto a device. Sony Music Entertainment also use physicaldistribution to distribute their artist’s music by creating CDs that arecreated by “Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation”. CD’s are sold in music storeswhere people pay for physical copies of music. However, in recent years digitalmusic revenue from music streaming and downloading has taken over CD Sales.

Sony Music Entertainment also gain revenue from “Vevo”, anAmerican multi-nation video hosting service founded as a joint venture betweenUMG, SME and WMG, also known as the “big three” record labels. Vevo host’smusic videos on YouTube and earns advertiser revenue from this.   RhymesayersEntertainment is an American Hip-Hop independent record label based inMinneapolis, Minnesota. Rhymesayers began as a group of friends from The TwinCities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul where they released their first officialrelease in 1996. Opportunities soon presented themselves to take the music onthe road, and it was there that the legacy truly began to take shape. Aftersteadily growing a fan base they turned into a thriving record label, making animpression on the Hip Hop world. Rhymesayers Entertainment feature a roster ofhip hop artists such as “Brother Ali”, “Aesop Rock”, and “Atmosphere”.

RhymesayersEntertainment has an A Team to find and bring new artists to the label.Rhymesayers intend to create and publish independent, DIY, quality Hip-Hop andaccording to “Siddiq”, a founder of Rhymesayers, “the label seeks talent anddrive from new signings as well as a “good head on their soldiers”.”Rhymesayers Entertainment specialize solely on Hip-Hop and are work withartists in America as they are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and their artistsare required to able to do touring. RhymesayersEntertainment use physical and digital distribution to distribute their musicvia “Fifth Element”, an independent Hip Hop retail storebased in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1999. They also have an onlinestore where you can buy digital or physical copies of music.

Rhymesayers alsosometimes work with “Warner Music Group” to distribute their music as theysigned a distribution deal in 2007 that gives artists under Rhymesayers achoice to be on a major record label.Rhymesayers Entertainment also uses aYouTube channel to publish their artist’s music videos in order to increaserevenue. 


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