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How sports influenced my life.
Back in my freshman year of high school, I was going to play soccer but unfortunately, i wasn’t even able to make to try outs because I broke my ankle and i feel it wasn’t worth my time to do any sports anymore. About 2 weeks in to my sophomore year, My friend wanted to be the team manager for the team. I didn’t want to play because I had a job and I didn’t have time for it, school, and work. Plus, I thought it was lame to do team manager because it’s like you didn’t make the team but you can still come to games and help. It is probably the best decision that I choose to do it. You get to go to all the games for free, which was nice because every game at my school was tense and fun. We learned so much from coach about life that we’ll be useful later in my life. He taught us how to work as a team and he also taught us how to be a great leaders and to work hard and keep good grades . Sports influenced my life in many ways, such as teaching me teamwork and coach taught us how to work hard and have good grades.
Teamwork is very important in the game of soccer. “You can not win out there by yourself” coach preached that before every game. He made us all do team drills every practice and before every game. Along with our runs around the whole practice field, We would have to get in groups and practice passing. In the groups, we would have a goalkeeper in the goal that will wait for us to come down the field and before we started we would pick who would be the person to touch the ball last before we would try to score. I would usually start it because I wasn’t on the team and it helped the ones playing in the game get better with there passing and scoring more. At halftimes, if were losing (which we did a lot) coach would get on to all the players for not working as a team.
Coach taught how to be leaders. He would also say ” Never be the follower of a group always be the leader”. 2 or 3 games before the season ended, He tested us to see if the captains would step up and lead the team without him. So, he let the captains lead the practices and decide what to do during practice. Everyone of our teammates wanted to do an easy practice like just practicing scoring. The captains knew that he wanted to still do a full practice, so we had to start with our normal running around the practice field and our normal drills. Which showed leadership by the captains.
Most importantly, He wanted us to have good grades. He wanted to make sure during the short amount of time we were out there during the season, he wanted us to have good grades without stressing out about it. During the season, if you started failing at any time, you were not allowed to play until your grades were back to a c average. Therefore, we always had time before practice and games to work on our homeworks and projects. This is important me and what influenced me the most, It help me with scheduling an amount of set for just my homework and projects. This makes it easier and less stressful for me to have time set apart from everything else in my life such as work, friends, and family.
In conclusion, I feel like playing or even just helping with a team as a team manager not only helps you physically but helps you excel in all kinds of different area like homework and work. It was great to have a great coach and teammates that have my back during these times. I encourage people to participate or at least help with any team sports while in school because you will learn to work as a team and also to be a leader. Also, showed me how to balance time well and keep good grades.


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