How assistant your own behaviour will in most

How own behaviour could promote effective interactions and how it could impact negatively with children and young people:
As a teaching assistant your own behaviour will in most cases have a positive affect and influence on children and young people.
Positive effect:
If you are respectful, polite and tolerant, listen attentively, are kind and understanding with the children, young people and adults surrounding you, and that you recognise the children and young people’s achievements and ideas, then they will hopefully in turn value and respect each other.
Negative effect:
Your behaviour can impact negatively on the interactions with children and young people. A few examples of this are, if you do not say please or thank you, interupting in conversations, being dissmisive or not listening when someone is talking to you. They will come to think that these kinds of behaviour are acceptable and may not find you approachable, and this in turn will lead to them not wanting to come to you with their problems, issues or concerns.


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