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How Long Island City, Queens Major Geologic Features FormedLong Island City is my neighborhood. Glacial erratics are the most common geologic features found in the Long Island City Queens. These features formed about 1,000,000 years ago from repeated glaciation and other series of tectonic movements that led to the accumulation, compression, and conversion of snow into ice (Ludman). After the initial mass of glacier, second snow developed and formed the second moraine. The first and second moraines coalesced at three neighborhoods including Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, but later separated leading to the formation of the northeastern portion of Long Island.

Although there are no clear records of the causes and timing of such tectonic movements, the presences of a “bulldozed” hill of sediments known as terminal moraines in some parts of the Long Island reveal important information about earlier glaciation and the advancement of other related geologic features in the New York neighborhoods (Ludman). The terminal moraine is the ridge that stretches to the southeastern part of the Long Island Queens City from the Brooklyn’s Staten Island, Bay Ridge, and Park Slope.Even though tectonic movements occurred several years back, they still have vast effects on cities and state residents. One geologic process that is ongoing in the New York City and its surrounding is an earthquake. On February 7, 2018, residents in the north of NY experienced small rattles of earth tremor that had a magnitude of 2.2 (Best States).

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The geologic process is important because it demonstrates possible adjustments of tectonic plates and continuous development of fault lines. The earth is continually in motion and the process that facilitates collision or splitting of tectonic plates. Any slight readjustment always manifests as an earthquake or other indicators of earth movement. The geologic features and process are also important because they facilitate the prediction of natural calamities associated with tectonic or earth movement.


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